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7 Most Futuristic Large Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Mirrors are an essential part of bathroom décor and it plays a pivotal role in enhancing the overall beauty and aesthetic appeal of the bathroom. They had been used extensively for the purpose of developing a visual feel of spaciousness and roominess for a great span of time. The advent of technology and the invention of newer design techniques had contributed to the increased application of mirrors in any given living space or a bathroom. The professional applications of mirrors are endless and a good architect can drastically enhance the aesthetic appeal of a bathroom with simply a proper use of mirrors. A large bathroom mirror had now become a mere necessity of a luxury bathroom and it is seemingly impossible to design a luxurious bathroom with an absence of such a mirror.

A homeowner is now offered with endless design ideas which exhibits a broad usage of bathroom wall mirrors. Selecting the most ideal design idea may turn out to be a daunting task and it requires an individual to have a thorough understanding of the bathroom space and design possibilities & restrictions. Besides this, the homeowners also need to have a basic knowledge of popular types of mirrors which are preferred the most for bathroom whose space requirements resemble their bathroom the most. Fab Glass & Mirrors comprise of a team of skilled professionals who are equipped with the substantial knowledge of design & décor needed to perfectly decipher the design needs & requirements of the bathroom or any other living space.

In reality, the size of the bathroom is not a limiting factor for adopting such a design which extensively use large bathroom mirrors. A majority of homeowners usually refrain from using such mirrors in a bathroom space which has only limited space or is significantly small. On the contrary, a remarkably large number of architects and professional interior designers suggest using mirrors in the bathroom, especially small ones as it provides the feeling of spaciousness and roominess. The enhancement of aesthetic appeal and increased spaciousness is only two of several remarkable advantages of using mirrors and following is a list of 7 most futuristic large bathroom mirrors ideas which can truly captivate the hearts and minds of design enthusiasts.

photo/ Prima Porcelain


  • Modern Style Large Bathroom Mirrors


Regardless of the size of the bathroom, mirrors are an essential part of décor and bathroom design. Even in the smallest of bathroom spaces, one can use a large bathroom mirror to a great success and its application provides the homeowner with increased accessibility & enhanced aesthetic appeal. These mirrors are most commonly used as wall mirrors and reflect back a large view and make the bathroom look extra spacious. These bathroom large wall mirrors can be framed or unframed and the use of unframed mirrors are usually recommended more by the users who prefer the seamless look.

On the other hand, the framed mirror provides the homeowners with a great number of decorative alternates and serves as the focal point of the bathroom. The most important aspect of mirrors is increasing the visual attraction and this design idea encourages the use of the mirror in spaces which are visually accessible.


  • Contemporary Bathroom Wall Mirrors


A mirror is the greatest representation of a bathroom space and it serves as a definitive element of the bathroom space. In the world of latest design, the bathroom wall mirror creates a remarkable impression of the bathroom on the eyes of the visitor. Such mirrors are suited the best with marble & stone walls and it serves as a great way of adding in the effect of bulkiness and roominess to the wall.

The contemporary bathroom design holds enough versatility to encourage the use of mirrors and it promotes the use of mirrors as an element of enhancing aesthetic appeal. Some of the contemporary design ideas include the use of bathroom wall mirror on the wall rightly opposite to the bathroom door and it creates a remarkable feel of an increased space. Such designs use a concept of a full-body mirror and it is an idea which is hard to dislike and goes on perfectly with the designs needs & requirements of the contemporary era of today & tomorrow.

photo/ AI Leino


  • The Amazing Backlit Ornate Mirror


For homeowners who crave for extra shiny look and desires to make their bathroom gleam of awesomeness, an idea of an amazing backlit ornate mirror would serve them the best. A conceptual wall mirror is used extensively to serve dual-purpose and also adds in the extra bit of remarkable illumination to the bathroom. Preferred especially by those who seek for a glamorous and luxurious alternative for their bathroom wall mirror?

In such design idea, the backlit ornate mirror serves as the focal point of the bathroom and is surrounded with an exceptional set of bathroom elements which strictly follow the attribute of simplicity. This idea goes on perfectly alongside simple and small bathroom design and creates a sense of serenity and glamour. The size of such a mirror is usually small to medium and holds the potential of being the most decorative element of visual space.


  • The Traditional Large Framed Mirror


The contemporary design of today may amaze the design enthusiasts of this generation but for some nothing can top the elegance of traditional design.  For such homeowners, adopting traditionalism is the right approach and is the perfect way of satisfying their unique design needs. The traditional large bathroom mirrors are a delicate way of enhancing the aesthetic appearance of the bathroom and is a great method of integrating the mirror with the overall theme of the bathroom.

The contemporary design follows the idea of seamless or frameless mirrors while the traditional looks never tend to remove the elegance of stylish frames from their complete outlook. Such design ideas comprise mirrors with extravagant frames which resonates the unique sensation of classy & sophisticated look. These remarkable traditional designs can never be out-fashioned and they are still as popular today as they were decades ago.


  • Metal-Framed Bathroom Wall Mirror


Brass-Framed round metal Bathroom Wall Mirrors are perfect for the decorative bathroom which displays a contrast of amazing vivid colors. The blending of a golden lustrous look of brass on top of vivid walls adds up to make a truly phenomenal bathroom space. In this design concept, both the mirror and the frame plays a substantial role in enhancing the elegance of the space and absence of any of the two makes the bathroom look shallow and incomplete. Even patterned walls serve as a great design alternative and such wall mirrors tend to reverberate a mixed sense of sophistication and contemporary elegance.

The most sensational aspect of such design is that it divides the focus of the eyes and is very comfortable and visually smooth. It would be acceptable to assume that such design idea lies rightly in between contemporary and traditional design and is a perfect design alternative for homeowners who love to practice moderation in design. The emblem of unique texture and design of brass frame provides this design an eccentric look and also offers homeowners with an added design versatility.


  • The Remarkable LED Wall Mirrors


Similar to the backlit ornate wall mirrors, this design idea also serves as a great source of adding in the extra illumination to the bathroom space. The amazing new LED Wall Mirrors is a great idea for design enthusiasts who like practicing an extra creativity and ingenuity in design. This concept can easily be adopted alongside a set of frameless & seamless large bathroom mirrors and is a great mean of enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the bathroom.

This design can easily be achieved with an adoption of a relatively large mirror which can be divided or broken down into smaller size fragments with an added LED illumination in between. The design not only provides the required bathroom light but also goes on perfectly well with the latest contemporary design. For homeowners who are in need of a bathroom wall mirror idea which goes along smoothly with the latest contemporary design, this is the best possible alternative.



  • The Impeccable Customized Mirrors


For the design enthusiasts who want to order their very own customized Large Bathroom Mirrors, Fab Glass and Mirrors have the unique solution to all their contemporary & traditional design needs. The impeccable look of large wall mirrors is essential for the bathroom of all sizes and shapes. From the small bathroom to the large luxurious ones, the application and plausible advantages of using such mirrors are countless.

In this era of extravagant design, each day brings about changes and new advancements to the world of interior design and bathroom décor. In order to make sure the bathroom resonates a feeling of class and true elegance, it is needed to follow the contemporary trends of today which broadly exhibits the usage of bathroom wall mirrors. Taking out the remarkable elegance provided by these truly phenomenal wall mirrors would severely dent the overall aesthetic and appeal of the bathroom.

Author: Sourabh Sharma

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