Published On: Tue, Jan 22nd, 2019

7 Expectations That Men Secretly Have in A Relationship

There are various things that can never be told, but, they must be understood by the couples in a relationship. There are various kinds of things that couples expect from each other, but never want to say it clearly. Especially, men are not straightforward about their expectations in a relationship. They always want their girls to understand it. So, girls, you should understand the secret expectations of your man. Here are some of the secret expectations of men stated below will help you to understand your man in a better way.    

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He Wants You To Be Understanding and Supportive

A good understanding is the base of every relationship. Men expect their girlfriend or wife to understand his decision making, work style, lifestyle, etc. He wants you to understand and support him at every stage of life. He will never tell you to do so, but, he expects it secretly.

He Wants All Your Attention

A man expects from you to know when to give him space and when to give him attention. But, they never tell you. When he is with you, he does not want anyone to disturb the privacy. So, when you are with your guy, you must be with him completely and pay your full attention to him.

He Expects You to Shower Him With Happiness

Men love to get surprises, and make them smile even at small things. So, they expect from you to plan surprise events for him, please him with gifts, and so on. So, you must make him surprised in different ways. For example, on Valentine’s day, you can shower him with love and happiness by purchasing lots of Valentine gifts for boyfriend.

He Wants You to Love Him More Than Anything Else

Being loved by someone you love is the most wonderful feeling in the world. It makes everyone feel like heaven. Men also expect to be loved by his wife or girlfriend the most. They expect you to express your love for him. They want you to do the craziest things which would show how much you love him.

He Expects You to Pay the Bill

Not all the time men want to pay the bills. Sometimes, they expect it from you, but, never tell you to do this. They don’t want to be a kind of person who always pays. So, if you are a working woman, then it’s fair to be expected sometimes to pay the bills of the expensive dates.

He Expects You to Appreciate His Dressing Sense

Men expect from his wife or girlfriend to understand and like his clothing choices. They want you to like his favorite shirt. Everyone has different taste of fashion. It might not be liked by others, but sometimes it becomes important to appreciate the dressing sense of your partner even you don’t like it at all.

He Expects You to Initiate Intimacy

Giving a physical touch to your partner with love is also an important part of a healthy relationship. Men secretly want their girl to initiate intimacy. Not all the time they want to request you for the intimacy. Sometimes, they expect it from you, but never say it out loud.

So, you can keep your relationship healthy by understanding these secret expectations of your partner.

Author: Samon Rathi

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