Published On: Wed, Nov 21st, 2018

7 Essential Measures For Firearm Safety

Owning and using a firearm is a responsibility for yourself and those around you. There are some stringent safety measures that you must follow while training as well as using the weapon subsequently. Even when you are not handling it, certain safety norms have to be followed while storing the gun too. People with young children, in particular, need to be extra careful if they own a gun and keep it at their homes.

Let us educate you about the essential measures for firearm safety.

  1. Always keep the weapon unloaded when not in use

The most important rule for gun handling is that you should keep it unloaded when not in use. Whether you are storing it at home or carrying it to the shooting range or the woods, make sure that it is not loaded till the moment you decide to use it. If you have young children at home, keep the firearm under lock and key because kids are always keen about exploring them but hardly comprehend the threats they pose.

  1. Know your handling basics

Do not ever try to fiddle with a gun unless you have adequate training and know your handling basics well enough. Ensure that the weapon’s muzzle is pointed in a safe direction when you place or carry it. This is essential to prevent any damage even of the gun goes off accidentally. Another safe handling tip is to keep your finger off the trigger when you are not using it. Do not ever touch it unless you are ready to fire a shot; instead rest your fingers on the side of the gun or outside the trigger guard.

  1. Ensure that the firearm gun is safe to operate

Like all other tools, guns also require regular maintenance to be in a good condition. General upkeep measures include regular cleaning and proper storage. Periodic maintenance checks by an experienced gunsmith are also recommended. If your gun has become too old, consider replacing it. You can find some good deals on Omaha Outdoors: Online gun store. Visible damage and rust are some signs that warrant replacement sooner rather than later.

  1. Use the right ammunition only

Every weapon is intended to be used with specific ammunition and not doing so can be a risky action from the safety perspective. The ammunition caliber is usually stamped on the barrel a well as listed in the user’s manual. Read it carefully and only buy the right ammunition for the gun. Using a wrong fit can damage the gun as well as cause danger to the person using it. Do not shoot with the weapon unless you are sure about the ammunition that it has been loaded with.

  1. Know about the extra precautions

Sometimes, extra precautions are required in addition to the general ones while you use a specific make or model. Remember that two guns may be similar but not always the same, when it comes to their usage. Similarly, there could be some special guidelines that need to be followed with a specific shooting technique or method. Get proper training and user instruction from a specialist to help you handle your firearm with extra care. Going through the owner’s manual carefully is also important in this context.

  1. Use a gun locking device

Another safety measure that you must take is to secure the weapon with a gun locking device while storing it or traveling with it. This device will render the firearm inoperable while not in use. Also, it is an excellent way to keep it guarded from unauthorized people such as young children. But you should remember that safety lock not considered as the substitute for secure storage.

  1. Have the right gear while shooting

Besides being extra vigilant with the weapon safety, you should also be careful about accompanying it with the right equipment. Eye safety and ear safety are particularly significant because these are the organs that are susceptible to damage during shooting. So have your protective glasses and earmuffs handy when you are out at the range or even in the woods.

The general rule of thumb will be to be good to your gun and it will definitely be good to you. Educate your family and children about the importance of not touching the weapon without supervision as well as being responsible about owning a weapon. Also, make them aware about the threats and dangers involved in not handling and using it the right way. At the same time, never try using a firearm unless you are fully confident and well trained.

Author: Saara Green

This article has been contributed by Saara Green who is a great content writer working with Submitcore, She is a full-time reader, self-professed shopaholic and totally loves travel photography.

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