Published On: Wed, May 12th, 2021

7 Beautiful Anniversary Gifts for Wife

Anniversary is not only a reminiscence of the day you tied knots, but it also presents the opportunity to connect, make things right, and look towards the future. Irrespective of the fact that it is your 1st wedding anniversary or the 50th, you should do all to make it a magnificent one. But besides making it grand, you should also focus on making it a memorable one. And what’s better than to give her a gift that acts as a souvenir of the milestone. 

The wedding anniversary gift ideas below will guide you as you pick something out for your wife; remember, the perfect gift for your wife is the one that serves her interest, i.e., if she likes the long-term pleasure or the short-term excitement. Still, this list might give you some ideas on what possibly might be the ideal gift. 


  • Think outside of the box: plan a trip.


If you two are overdue for a romantic trip, the wedding anniversary might be the classic occasion to plan the getaway; especially, if your spouse has a destination in her mind that she would love to tour with you. Plus, it does not have to be an expensive one — you can easily find a suitable destination that compliments your budget; still, plan everything in advance to ensure a magical timeout. 

Throw in a punch of surprise!

Instead of making it obvious, you can also consider secretly planning the itinerary or keep the destination a secret. Several online services offer such services, and all you have to do is pack and go. 

Pre-book fun activity. 

Besides lodgings and romantic dinner, take into account something fun to do. It can be anything like a hot-air balloon ride, skiing, or jacuzzi baths, but make space for unusual ventures that can make the trip a thrilling experience. 

photo/ Arek Socha


  • Paper gifts keep it personal. 


While paper gifts, today, are a big deal only on the first anniversaries, it serves as a classic expression of love even in the 60th year of your marriage.

Words are thoughtful. 

The idea of giving a paper might seem dull, but with a few words on it, the letter can better express your love than all the jewels in the world (okay! that may be an exaggeration). Nonetheless, you cannot go wrong with a piece of paper and a few words of good memories.


  • Flowers: an ideal gift from centuries


Flowers complement just about any gift, but they also make a pretty case when presented alone. You may underestimate them for being affordable but remember that they never fail to put a smile on someone’s face. 

Forever Rose

No, not a fake one! Modern interventions allow you to buy a rose that lasts for eternity. Dipped in 24K Gold, they will give your wife the remembrance of the (particular) anniversary for years to come. 

One Year Rose

Or, you can keep it real with one-year roses — real roses that last a year!

Need something else in addition to a beautiful bouquet? Consider a nice bottle of bubbly and pour it up while you hand over those fragile pieces of emotion. 


  • Jewelry: sentimental and lasting. 


Stones and metals are not an everyday gift, but an anniversary makes for an ideal occasion for such timeless gifts. Be it statement earrings, a love-letter gold necklace, or a luxury bracelet — a jewelry gift never goes out of style. 

photo courtesy of ascot diamonds dallas


  • Upgrade the Wedding (or engagement) Ring 


The thought of upgrading the wedding ring does not occur to many, but doing so is an embracing gesture to show the commitment that you have towards your relationship. Plus, it gives you the option to choose a different stone, change the color, or get a new ring altogether to accommodate her personality. 

Budget will not be the issue. 

You do not need a huge investment to buy another wedding ring, replace the current one or consider a synthetic diamond. Or, rather than purchasing a (synthetic) stimulant, you can choose today’s trend — lab-created diamond, otherwise known as grown diamonds, which is identical to a natural diamond and costs about 40% less. 


  • Cashmere: 


Do I say more?

Shawl, sweater, or scarves, if made of cashmere — it has heavenly power vested in it, sufficient to impress your woman. 


  • Why not ask her instead.


There a reason why the wife is called “Mrs. Always Right.” 

For some, it is not challenging to figure out the perfect gift from subtle hints that the wife gives; for many, it becomes almost impossible to butter up her mind. If that is the case — it is best to ask her and give her a surprise kiss instead. 


Grasp that the word Anniversary comes from the Latin word “annus,” meaning — turning only once a year. I know that this is not an English class, but it might familiarize you with the importance it holds in a marriage. And why you should do everything you can to make it a loving one.

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