Published On: Tue, Feb 2nd, 2016

7 Awesome Benefits of Dragon Fruit You Never Knew About

Dragon fruit, which is also called pitaya, is one of the most beautiful fruits created by Mother Nature. As you begin to look at its structure, you would discover that it has finely designed colors tones and attractive appeal. The fruit is mostly available in pink and green or red and yellow shades. People cannot help but appreciate its beauty, when the fruit is cut in half from the middle. This delicious and beautiful fruit belongs to cactus family and also has some similarities to kiwi fruit as well. Interestingly, apart from its looks and taste, the food has interesting and multiple health benefits too. Here are the key benefits that you would find

Rich vitamin and nutrition value

Your body requires nutrition and minerals to survive the toughness of day to day life. A healthy body has perfect and balanced amount of nutrition and mineral elements added to it. Dragon fruit is rich in these two contents and hence you can consume it on everyday basis and stay healthy. You feel fresh and active while eating this fruit. The good news is that you can eat this fruit without carrying the guilt of eating too much.

Excellent source of polyunsaturated fats

There are various reasons that you feel lethargic and fatigued. One of the key reasons is consuming fats, which are not good for your body and get stored in your body. The best way is to switch to polyunsaturated fats, which are good for your health and do not make you feel bad. This is the reason that you can enjoy the process of eating dragon fruit. It has the optimum amount of polyunsaturated fats, which helps you to stay healthy and enjoy an active lifestyle without losing on the feature of taste.

The fruit basically is a perfect food to enrich your heart with healthiness. The goodness of polyunsaturated fats improves your heart health and keeps it younger for longer period times.

Photo/Femke Jenkins Photography

Photo/Femke Jenkins Photography

Perfect alternative to sugar cravings

Natural sugar is always a great way to reduce the sugar cravings and stay healthy. Fruits serve as the best source of natural sugar, so that you can relish the taste of sugar without adding its negative effects to your body. Hence, while eating dragon fruit, you can enjoy the taste of sugar without the fear of getting fat. If you are someone, who counts calories with every bite, then you should immediately switch to this fruit as your daily routine because it has less than 60 calories.

Natural anti-inflammatory benefits

The natural anti-inflammatory benefits of the fruit help you to get complete support to cool down your body by turning down the heat. There are natural anti-inflammatory qualities into this fruit, providing you benefits in terms of reducing irritation of acne affected skin and sunburned skin. So, next time your skin has faced any burn or irritation, feel free to adopt this fruit, mesh it and apply the goodness of its pulp on your skin.

Good for eyes

This tropical fruit is renowned for having quality anti-oxidants, which are very good for eye health. If you are consuming the right amount of fruits on a regular basis, you can simply increase the level of eye health. Your eyesight would get better with time and you would be able to make a great difference with the help of right eating. It is always a better option to eat right rather than following the long medical prescriptions.

Increases gut health

The fiber element available in dragon fruit makes it a perfect choice for people to improve their gut health. Fiber is very much required for smooth functioning of your digestive system and availability of the same in these fruits helps them to improve the same in best way.

After looking at all these benefits, it is understood that you should consume this fruit in your daily diet. It is a perfect way to replace your on the move snacks with fruits. It keeps you from gaining weight and you do not feel lethargic as well. There are few reasons, which help you understand that why should you include fruits in your every day diet.

Why should you include fruits in your daily diet?

Fruits are rich in nutrition, minerals and are natural anti-oxidants. These benefits ensure that you feel healthy and active throughout the day, if you are eating fruits properly. There are various ways to choose the best diet plan according to your body. There is a spectacular range of fruits available for people to utilize the benefits of Mother Nature. Different fruits have different benefits associated with them. All you need to do is understand the vitamin and mineral related requirements of your body and start consuming the amount of fruits accordingly.

Dragon Fruit: Marvel in cancer cure

Talking about dragon fruit specifically, it has been recommended as a great way to cure cancer. It has been suggested by various research and developments that this fruit helps in reducing the risk of cancer in your body. The studies suggest that overall nutrition value and mineral content available in this fruit is beneficial in curing prostate cancer. The amount of lycopene available in this fruit is dedicated to reduce the impact of prostate and other types of cancer possibilities.

These qualities explain that if you are inclined towards adopting healthy food practices, you can simply lead a healthy and balanced life. Therefore, you should look for the list of fruits as per your health and fulfill your daily diet plan with richness and goodness. Your idea should be to maintain healthy by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This would happen only if you are aware of all the key benefits of the fruits that you are consuming. Hence, it is the time to reduce the content of oily food and junk from your daily diet. The best way is to replace the same with fruit and other healthy food choices. This is the key to lead a life, where you are ever young and ever healthy.

Guest Author: Ravi Kumarr Gupta

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