Published On: Wed, Apr 11th, 2018

7 Articles To Strengthen Your Argument For Gun Rights

Despite the fact that the right to own a gun is protected by the bill of rights there are constant debates over whether this is the right policy or not.

Add in the issues regarding concealed and open carry and you’ll quickly realize why gun rights are often in the news.

Amanda Collins

If you’re concerned about the legal challenges to gun ownership or simply need to be able to present your case to your neighbors and friends, then these 7 articles should help:


  • The Gun Control Debate


Forget whether you have a hand gun, rifle, AR or even the right sight from Gun Gods. This article simply covers the fact that debate is healthy and essential in many parts of society. The willingness and ability to rationally talk about these issues is effectively an argument for gun ownership.


  • Honest People


Having guns in the control of honest people is one of the most effective methods of crime and gun control.

History shows that trying to prevent the procurement of alcohol, drugs or even guns makes it more likely that only the criminal element will have access.

Allowing honest people access to guns ensures the scales are balanced and actually reduces incidents of gun violence.


  • Concealed Carry


The revocation of concealed carry in Colorado sparked a huge amount of debate and highlighted the fact that women in particular wish to carry guns. They can make them feel safer, especially if they are already assault survivors.


  • Gun Control Fact Sheet


photo/ svklimkin

Did you know that guns are used 2.5 million times a year in self-defense? This alone is an excellent argument as to why gun rights are so important.

How many of those 2.5 million people wouldn’t be here today or would have life changing injuries if they didn’t have a gun?

In addition, surveys show that concealed carry has helped to reduce murder and crime rates in every state that allows this form of gun usage.

That’s another good case for keeping gun available.


  • Survivors


Survivors of rape and other assaults frequently tell how the story would have been very different if they had been carrying a weapon.

This is more than just feeling safer; it is the ability to gain the upper hand over your opponent.


  • Gun Rights


The simple fact is that many of the worst gun crimes are committed where the gun wielding person knows they will face little resistance. This is why schools and even malls are common targets.

But, if there is armed and responsible staff at these premises ready to deal with a threat then potential shooters would think twice before opening fire.


  • The Young People


This video shows that young people today are well aware of the issue created by guns and how guns are not the actual issue. People are.

No war on violence or crime will be resolved by removing guns, dealing with the issues that people face is the only way to ensure guns are not used negatively in the future.

The constitution of the US allows gun ownership; you need to use this as an argument in your favor.

Author: Anwar Hossain

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