Published On: Wed, May 9th, 2018

6 Unusual Ways How To Start A Fire

Do you enjoy nature and look forward to camping out in the wilds? The beautiful experience is certainly mesmerizing, but it does not necessarily go well unless you are prepared for every possible situation. One of these situations is the need of lighting a fire. It is possible that you forgot to carry a matchbox or a lighter to light a fire on your trip. You will require the need for fire to survive during your camping trip. Thus, this post will guide you through some ways that do not require the need of matches or a lighter to start a fire.  


  • Using a magnifying glass or lens


If you have a magnifying glass in your backpack, then you are in luck. You can use it to start a fire by concentrating the sun’s rays on combustible material. However, your eyeglasses, binocular or camera lens can also do the trick if you do not have a magnifying less. You may need to break a binocular for the lens, but your survival is more important in such a situation, isn’t it?


  • Using friction


You probably have heard of this method in middle school science books. Rubbing two sticks to create enough resistance does start a fire, but it is not as easy as it seems. If you are not following the right way to build friction, it may not do any good for even creating sparks. You may want to try the bow and drill method that is efficient and consumes less amount of time.


  • Generating a charge


If you have a vehicle with you, then you can use the car battery to create a fire. It may require some caution as you can endanger yourself during the process as well. Learn more about it through an expert.


  • Utilizing a flashlight


Did you know that you flashlight can also be used for making a fire? This method requires one to disassemble the torch first. Then, an individual will have to lay a tinder in the middle are where the bulb protrudes. The reflective surface directs the sunlight to the wood, which then starts to ignite. You can learn about it in an Airforce guide.


  • Using a battery and steel wool


This method is a science experiment that ignites the steel wool when a battery (3V or more) is rubbed against it. This ignited wool can then be used to create fire by touching it with dry grass, etc.


  • Using gunpowder


You may have brought a gun with you to accompany on your camping trip. Hence, you can take out the gunpowder from one of the gun shells to start a fire. Be careful to use a little bit of the powder and save the rest for later use when using this method. You can also visit to learn about Shotgun Scopes to help you on your camping trip.

Here is another genius way of creating fire, which involves a bubble gum wrapper and an AA battery. This method requires establishing a connection with the wrapper so that a current can be generated for making a fire. Learn more about this method from reliable sources online.  

Thus, you can see that there are many unusual ways of lighting a fire, even if you do not have the generic items to support you. Make sure to research such methods carefully before proceeding as some of them may require extra caution.

Author: Carol Trehearn

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