Published On: Wed, Sep 5th, 2018

6 Things You Should Avoid While Buying Nightwear

Many women love shopping. Some live for this enjoyable habit. Shopping is as easy as it is hard. We may think that shopping is just like any other errand; go to the store and pick out some items. It is more complicated than that. Shopping is all about personal taste and can be overwhelming with all the various styles and brands.  You want to make sure to spend your money on something you will love and that will have for a long time.

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Shopping for nightwear is not any different. Spend your hard-working money on pieces that are timeless and that you know you’ll wear often. Here are some tips of what to avoid when shopping for nightwear:

  1. Avoid Uncomfortable Nightwear

No matter how good a piece of nightwear looks, it should be comfortable – you should feel confident in it. The key to having a good night sleep is to buy a comfortable silk nightwear piece that fits you properly and does not contain any fabric that is irritable to your skin -check NK iMODE for comfortable silk nightwear. Its temperature regulating fabric and soothing sensation on your skin will allow you to drift off into a sweet slumber. Nightwear should not be too tight. It should fit you enough to give you sound sleep.

Choose nightwear from a fashionable but comfort driven collection.

  1. Avoid Dark Shaded Nightwear

You might not believe it but the color of nightwear you wear can largely influence your mind during sleep. Researchers have shown that darker shades of color on your nightwear can interrupt your sleep and give you irregular sleep patterns. Sleep should be about avoiding the daytime hassles and complications and getting undisrupted sleep. You should choose lightly shaded nightwear to give you peace of mind.

  1. Too Loose or Too Tight Nightwear

One of the keys to having a good night sleep is by purchasing nightwear that makes you feel that it is not even on you -the naked sensation. To shop for such nightwear, you should pick sizes that are perfectly comfortable and that does not bring constraint to your body when it is on. On the other hand, avoid buying sizes that are too large for you since saggy nightwear is not comfortable too and too much fabric may disrupt your sleep pattern. Choosing the right size also ensures that your nightwear is fashionable too.

  1. Avoid Heavy Feeling Nightwear

As I said earlier, nightwear should make you feel like it is not even on. Appropriate nightwear should only cover your body and not be a disturbance for you during your sleep. When buying nightwear, you should consider pieces which are light and do not cause you to sweaty during the night. You are after a good sleep so be sure that the nightwear you chose does not cause you restlessness due to excess heat. Fabrics such as silk, cotton, and linen allow your skin to breathe and is comfortable to sleep in all night long.

  1. Avoid Irritable Feeling Nightwear

Not all of us are similar. Many women have different reactions to different organic substances. You should be very careful when shopping for nightwear. Silk is a hypo-allergenic fabric that is soothing on the skin. On the other hand, satin is not that skin friendly and I advise that you avoid it when you are shopping for nightwear. It causes allergies and rashes on the skin which will cause you great discomfort during your sleep.

Cotton is what I recommend as the perfect nightwear for people who have sensitive skin. Silk is the perfect fabric for people with irritable skin. A piece of luxury short silk robe, long robe or a chemise will bring you comfort and luxury.

  1. Avoid Bulk Buying

This applies to any sort of shopping that involved garments. When shopping for clothes, and in this case nightwear, avoid buying in bulk. I know lingerie can be attractive and appeal to our love for variety but it is always advisable for us to buy what we need at a particular time. Buying too much lingerie can lead to waste of money since the market is continuously coming out with new styles and colours that may peek your interest.

Author: Jenny Pattison

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