Published On: Tue, Jul 28th, 2020

6 Reasons to Consider Hair Removal

There are many reasons to consider hair removal and there are many tools that can be used to give you the desired look. While different methods offer different benefits and results, this list will give a general overview while adding in reasons that may be based on specific hair removal techniques. 

Image by agustino from Pixabay

Here are the top 6 reasons that many people consider hair removal: 

For personal hygiene 

One of the main reasons for hair removal is for personal hygiene. Bodily hair in certain places such as the armpits can contribute to armpit odor. While some armpit smell is natural, excess odor can be caused by having armpit hair which traps bacteria that are formed from the area being a naturally moist one. Or even from buildup caused by some deodorants. 

It helps to eliminate ingrown hair

Not all methods of hair removal are the same. Some methods of hair removal are notorious for causing ingrown hair and others are known for helping to remedy the issue. Laser hair removal and plucking and two methods that work to remove ingrown hairs that are stubborn and hard to remove. 

With laser removal, over time hair growth can be stopped at the root and so solve any issues you may have with ingrown hairs. It also reduces the chance of any infection or irritation being caused to your skin. 

To look sophisticated 

Many people may remove hair to add some sophistication to their look. Women especially, often shave as they believe it contributes to skin beauty. The removal of hair from the legs and arms are usually done for this reason. 

In this same light, removing hair is said to enhance skin complexion adding to the glow of the skin and overall beauty. 

Additionally, when it comes to the dating world some partners may prefer removing hair to suit or further attract the other. As well as, having hair removed may add an extra touch of intimacy in relationships. 

It’s Cost-Effective

When it comes to hair removal, some methods are more cost-effective than others. Hair removal using laser hair removal techniques whether in-store or at home can be more cost-effective than shaving, purchasing razor blades, creams, and shaving lotions for a life-time. 

With laser hair removal, the cost may seem a lot upfront but over time you will benefit. And, this even works for using an at home laser hair removal tool. 


Again, not all methods of removing hair are the same. With some methods, removing hair is often long-lasting and so people choose to remove hair using those methods because it won’t be a constant bother or chore. 

With this, you get all the other benefits that come with removing hair while forgoing excess work. 

To reduce tugs to pubic hair

Dealing with tugs to your hair can be painful. But, with laser hair removal as well as other methods such as threading the hair removed does not grow back for a long time. 

Hence, there is no hassle in the process and you benefit from not having hair that gets tugged at from zippers and the like.  


Hair removal is a personal decision that should be based on your feelings on the issue as well as your own health profile. While some general reasons for hair removal center around beautification, some reasons may be for health purposes such as reducing ingrown hair, avoiding tugs, and reducing bodily odor. Many people also take their intimate relationships into consideration. 

Wherever your reasons for removing hair, ensure that you are comfortable with your decision as well as make sure that you choose a method that best suits you.

Author: Jacob Maslow

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