Published On: Wed, Jun 24th, 2020

6 Important Things You Need To Know Before Selling Online

Online shopping is all the rage now, and for good reason. It has also opened the door for many ambitious sellers to expand their businesses. While selling products online is not exactly a walk in the park initially, it can be very lucrative when done right. So, if you have been dreaming of selling your products online but do not know where to start. 

The next six-pointers might help you understand what you need to know before kickstarting your first online business.

Choose What You Want to Sell

You’d be surprised how much trends play in the success of online stores. While you should not let the trends dictate what you are selling, you need to at least consider them. For example, small decorative pieces, electronics, and pet supplies are among the top best-selling categories on most online platforms like Amazon. On the other hand, handmade crafts are not as easily marketed, so if this is your niche, you will certainly need to devise a strong marketing plan. Knowing which products are easily sold can help you set up your online business faster, allowing you to generate more income to grow and attract more clients.

Decide Where to Sell Your Products

If you ask any online seller about where they prefer to sell their products, they will probably say that they like having their own website. Having a business website where you can set up your store is a phenomenal way of gaining more freedom by setting your prices, shipping fees, and payment arrangements. Nonetheless, creating your own store can be a bit difficult if you have no prior experience with hosting websites. Thus, you may turn for services like Shopify and WooCommerce to set your store with no hassle. Based on this detailed blog post on selling websites, the ultimate beginner’s resource for selling online from Digital Logic, standard platforms like Amazon and eBay come with many restrictions and fiercer competitors. However, they are regarded as a great option for sellers who need to advance their business quickly and have no time to set up their store yet.

Find a Supplier

Unless you plan on making your products, you need to find a reliable supplier to manufacture them. When looking for a supplier, you need to do your homework and research their history to gauge how trustworthy they are, as you do not want to get involved with a supplier who curates products illegally. Also, you need to make sure that they can supply you with the products you need on time. If anything goes south, your customers will come to you, not your supplier. So, you have to choose a supplier who can professionally handle your orders.

Get the Needed Documents

Making sure that you are running a legal business is crucial, so, you need to get all the necessary documents before you start offering your products. Of course, the documents you will need to differ based on where you live or generally sell your products. For instance, if you operate in the United States, having a sales tax ID is a must. This ID enables you to charge a tax on every purchase. As you can deduce, you need to get yours to eliminate tax issues down the line.

Select Your Payment Options

When it comes to online stores, flexibility is the keyword. Most individuals prefer online shopping because it allows them to choose various payment options like PayPal, credit cards, and cash on delivery (COD). So, it only makes sense that you should consider this when setting up your stores. As a novice seller, you should not include (COD) as a payment option until you gain some loyal customers first. PayPal and credit cards are both safe options that can help you ensure your rights and run your business smoothly.

Know How to Attract Customers

Online selling is not a unique niche anymore; everyone is seemingly dabbling in it nowadays. Thus, you need to know how to set yourself apart from your competitors. To attract more customers, make sure to include a clear description of your products as well as high-res, real-life photos. Additionally, you should use customer reviews to your advantage by employing them to improve your products and marketing techniques.

photo/ Gerd Altmann


Online stores are gaining more momentum thanks to their modern, intuitive feel. As an aspiring online seller, you need to be aware of the field you want to join. Before setting up your business, give our guide a try if you want to gain more understanding of how online selling works. Also, make sure to have a plan B in case something goes south. This plan could include having a partner who can process orders when you are out of commission.

Author: Allen Brown

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  2. Bazen Hradec Kralove says:

    Selling a business is never an easy or simple process. However, the rewards can be great, and ultimately, life-changing, so if you do decide to sell there are six key things you need to be aware of that will help you prepare and maximize your chances of success. Getting it wrong before you start can ruin any hopes of a sale and can mean many months of your time wasted. While I specialize in the sale of online businesses and refer to those as examples, these points still apply to business sales whether offline or online. Experienced buyers will see straight through you and the business you are selling and will quickly pass over your offering if they see any red flags.

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