Published On: Thu, Aug 19th, 2021

6 common and inevitable mistakes in toilet training

Teaching a puppy at home can be a lengthy process and a lot of mistakes will happen along the way. Some dogs learn at home much faster than others, and some owners are more intuitive about how they train their dogs than others, but teaching a puppy to ask to go outside to the toilet is rarely an easy process.

There are a number of common mistakes that many, if not most, owners make when teaching their dogs at home, but knowing these mistakes can help you avoid them.


Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Do not take into account the age of the puppy

The younger the puppy, the smaller its bladder and the lower the level of control over it. However, their age also determines their ability to learn and understand things, so don’t expect a very young puppy to understand the basics of toilet training for some time.

Introducing him into his daily routine and showing and telling him what’s going on is fine, but understand that your puppy needs to grow up a little before he can take in this information.

Failure to understand your puppy in time

If your puppy is standing at the door asking to leave, and you are in another room at the same time, how do you know what the puppy is doing at the moment? It is necessary to teach him certain actions for this request.

Lack of signals from your puppy

When you have already taught the puppy to ask to go out, you think that you will definitely understand his “hints” about going out, but the puppy can attract your attention in different ways, so you need to understand what exactly the puppy does when he wants to go out, in addition to running to the door. …

Lack of response

Every time your puppy asks to go outside, it is very important to immediately respond to his request. Failure to do this will not only make your dog unhappy and confused, but it will also reverse all of your training.

The puppy waits too long for your reaction

At least once everyone thought “now I will finish it and let it out” – this is not right. Even a pause of 30 seconds can cause the puppy to no longer tolerate it. And besides this, the puppy will think next times that it is not worth waiting for your reaction to the request.

Overlook the health problem

Finally, if you are confident that you are doing everything right and cannot understand why your puppy is not doing home workouts after a few weeks, see your veterinarian to make sure he is completely healthy and there is no underlying problem preventing your dog from taking a walk. or forcing her to go to the toilet in the house.

Author: Trycia Marks

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