Published On: Thu, Nov 19th, 2015

6 Asian Real Estate Hotspots on the Rise

When first world countries are suffering from the era of global recession, most investors and investment banks have decided to put their money in emerging markets. Most of the emerging markets include technology, smart enterprises, food-related industries, ForEx trading, mutual funds and real estate investment.

Most of these investments are in the form of foreign direct investments in emerging economies in Africa and Asian markets. Unsurprisingly, the top on the list is real estate.

But why?

This is because companies realized that the middle-class communities in the rising economies need better forms of homes, offices and social buildings like malls. In hand with that, let’s look at the major real estate hotspots on the rise in Asia.

This mixture of modernized buildings and its traditional architecture makes it big on the list of most developed real estate economies in Asia. It is in a 24- hour economy that one would see the constant need of buildings to ensure it reaches its development goals.

photo courtesy Charlotte Real Estate

photo courtesy Charlotte Real Estate

Colombo, Sri Lanka

It is the largest city in Sri Lanka, and it’s pulling crowds from the domestic and international scene. Sri Lanka has injected lots of money in its development projects after the civil war in order to rebuild and shape up its economy for a brighter future. In the past five years, skyscrapers have shot up in Colombo in order to feed the hunger for real estate in the city.

Faisalabad, Pakistan

As the third largest city in Pakistan, it is well-known for its textile industry, which has primarily driven the economy of the city for years. Thus, the population increase has led to the need for a massive real estate boom.

Manila, Philippines

The city boasts a very youthful demography and a fast-growing economy, considering it is an international hub for outsourcing activities. The real estate economy has had a major upgrade due to this; thus, encouraging the government and foreign multinationals to pump in investment money.
If you want to take a look at the status of Philippine real estate, it would be wiser to make use of property portals for a comprehensive peek at the emerging real estate markets. You can also browse some properties for sale and compare prices easily to start your real estate portfolio. You can always buy a condo and save time when you use Zipmatch, a leading real estate marketplace in the Philippines.

 Beijing,  China

The city, mostly known for business and entrepreneurship activities, has had a major increase in its office buildings in the past seven years. This is due to the need for physical office space to accommodate expanding businesses of both foreign and local companies.

Irbid, Jordan

As the third largest city in Jordan, Irbid is considered the cultural destination for people visiting the country. Its real estate has shot up due to the demographic increase.

In conclusion, as far as real estate investment is concerned, Asian cities have shown and continue to show evidence of potential for higher returns. If you want to expand your real estate portfolio, take advantage of the lower prices in the Asian market and watch your investment grow through the years when such localities are already thriving.

Guest Author: Sam Cohen

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