Published On: Wed, Apr 23rd, 2014

6 Alternative Methods for Hiring Employees

Scan resumes, shortlist candidates, conduct interviews, give exams – this is the traditional route of the hiring process. Hiring managers take pride in its effectiveness today, but with the changing course of everyday life, it might be time to change or integrate new ways of hiring. There are more ways of screening applicants other than what most are used to, just waiting to be explored.

With the tight competition happening in every industry, making sure that your breed of talents are one of the best–if not thebest–is the surest way of keeping up with your rivals. If there is a better way of finding the right people other than the standard, use it. There are various methods, and here are six of them:

photo: photologue_np via Flickr

photo: photologue_np via Flickr

Phone interviews

You might say it’s impersonal since you do not see who you are talking to, but that’s the whole point of this exercise. When you have no idea what a person looks like, you avoid any kind of discrimination and bias. During face-to-face interviews, you can’t help but judge a person through the clothes he wears or the gestures he keeps on making. If you conduct interviews via telephone, you will only be able to evaluate him through his ability to communicate and nothing else.

Video interviews

Just like phone interviews, it saves both the employer and applicant time and effort. They do not have to meet in person just to undergo the interview, which can be inefficient for both parties. With the help of technology, the applicant can answer questions by the interviewer real-time which is almost similar to the usual interviews. This is also convenient for the interviewer since he can view and replay the recorded video anytime to help him better with the decision-making.

Clients participating in final interview

The final interview is the most crucial stage of hiring. It can either make or break an applicant. It is in this part that all expectations are ironed out and the overall competency of an individual is evaluated in all angles. While passing the standards of the company a person is applying for remains vital, it is still proper to know what your clients think. Clients demand quality results from your company so they must participate in the selection process of those who can deliver them what they want and need.

Job challenge

Give the applicant a big challenge before hiring him. It is an application of his score in exams and the skills he’s proud of during interviews. This will be the ultimate test whether he can accept similar tasks in the future in case he gets hired. He may have the basic skill that can be developed overtime but showing exceptional talent this early is enough to see who among applicants has the advantage.

Field work

Immersing applicants in actual work as early as now can help you screen them properly. They may score high in all aptitude and personality tests but it’s different with experience. Letting them experience the kind of work they will be doing in case they get hired for a day or for several days will let you know if they can handle the job or not. It can also prevent them from withdrawing from training in the future once they realize they don’t like the job.

Face-to-face interaction with current employees

Expose applicants with those in your current roster of talents. Make them work in a project together for a designated period. Tenured employees can help you decide in choosing the right person for the job by taking their opinion whethr an applicant is competent enough or not. It is also possible that they will be working with the person in the same team or in several projects. It is only wise to make sure that the applicant won’t clash with existing employees’ personalities to avoid any misunderstanding in the future.

Which of these alternative methods have you used to choose the best among the rest? Share them with us!

Guest Author: Gabby Roxas

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  1. Ozella Bonham says:

    These Methods are very useful for choosing the employees by the Company for better work.

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