Published On: Wed, Feb 22nd, 2017

5 Ways To Improve Focus and Concentration on Gaming

Gaming is a big deal, for both the professional and the amateur hobbyist. It’s a great source of satisfaction for many people, and that means that people want to do the best they can at it. And ultimately, your performance at games, on an individual level as well as in a team setting, is going to be a direct reflection of how focused you are.

So what are some ways to improve this focus? Consider taking supplements, drinking vitamin and energy solutions, using meditation, finding personalized ways to get ‘in the zone’, or doing enough studying and preparation in advance that focus comes naturally during the flow of the game.

Taking Supplements

Taking supplements for gaming isn’t really a new thing. However, new technologies mixed with new types of analysis definitely have made the supplement industry more specific about what is in their concoctions, how much to take, and when to take them. They’ll often be in the form of mixable powders or pills, and it’s usually a combination of caffeine, sugar, and B vitamins.

Vitamin and Energy Drinks

The energy drink industry runs parallel to the supplement industry, especially when it comes to gaming. You could probably argue that buying energy drinks is just about the same as buying supplements, and then adding water or juice to it, but it’s packaged and promoted a bit differently, and it is sometimes more convenient when your focus-on-command comes in a can. You’ll often see that energy drink companies will sponsor gaming events too, because the brand is often synonymous with the type of focus and effort required to win major competitions.


Everyone is aware that meditating can help focus and a sense of peace, but a trick that some gamers use is to meditate in order to do better at their games of choice. Learning to breathe properly, especially during high-stakes actions in certain types of competitive games, can be the difference between winning and losing, as the calm mind will often react more quickly to changing circumstances in games.

Getting in the Zone

All of these specific types of help that you can get for your focus is what will eventually lead you to a habituated process known as being in the zone. Athletes and gamers alike will appreciate being able to control how and when they get into this state.

Studying and Preparation In Advance

And finally, the adage ‘practice makes perfect’ will help you in your quest for gaming focus. The more your practice and the more you get used to working through stressful gaming situations, the better that you’ll be in competitive situations ultimately. Combining all of these focus techniques together will not only allow you to be a better gamer, they’ll also make you enjoy your time playing more.

Author: Anna Johansson

photo Dean Moriarty via pixabay

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