Published On: Sat, Oct 17th, 2020

5 Ways To Help You Find A Job

These days, searching for a job gets harder all the time, so why not change your tactics?


Job hunting these days can be a full-time job in itself. Reading the newspaper ads, trekking to employment agencies and searching online can be exhausting. Sometimes you feel like you are going in circles and getting nowhere. It’s time to rethink your approach when looking for the ideal job. Here are five methods to try out to boost your confidence and get you out of that rut.


  • Online networking


Yes, you have been searching online adverts for jobs, but have you tried networking online? Sites like LinkedIn are invaluable in your search for gainful employment. Whether you are a student fresh out of college, or someone who has years of experience behind them, this is the ideal step.

By adding your education and working experience and posting a professional image, this can attract some of the best employers. In other words, instead of you searching for work let potential employers search for you instead! 

A good LinkedIn profile can attract the best attention. You can also follow companies that you fancy on the platform, making polite and useful comments on their posts. Many major companies use a number of recruitment tools to find potential candidates, including LinkedIn and online job boards.


  • Talk to friends and family


Many employers rely on staff referral as a good method of recruiting new staff. This is because they often prefer hiring someone their own, trusted employees vouch can for. If you have friends or family working in industries of interest, talk to them. Let them know what you are looking for and ask them if their employer could use someone like you.

This way, you often learn about vacancies before anyone else does, giving you an added advantage in getting the perfect job.


  • Focus on companies not vacancies 


Rather than searching the job listings, focus on specific companies you feel you would like to work for. This can often work in your favor as when you reach the application stage, you already have an extensive knowledge of, and an interest in your potential employer. The company may have a number of positions available. Even if none of these are suitable for you, sending a professional CV with a covering letter will introduce you as a potential employee.

There is one difficult question everyone has experienced at interviews, when your interviewer asks you why you would like to work for their company. Having an in-depth knowledge of the company and knowing exactly what you are going for gives you a great advantage in answering this difficult question. 


  • Do research into unknown jobs


As technology advances, choices on the job market evolve, with many types of job available. However, the job titles might have you totally bewildered. These jobs possibly weren’t available when you first left college and while the names might be strange, they could be the ideal job for you. Examples include a growth hacker, content marketer or social media engineer. After doing research into what those jobs involve, you might find you are interested in trying them out.

By choosing a less than traditional career path, this often means less competition, while adding more opportunities for you to explore. 


  • How about an internship?


For those new to the working world, an internship is the perfect way to explore unchartered work territory in the job market. Should the position itself sound unfamiliar, an internship allows you to try the job out before deciding whether it is suitable for you.

Some internship positions pay nothing and if you have enough financial backing, this could be your choice. However, paid internships do exist. You might not get much pay, but by trying out a position on an internship basis, you gather valuable work experience to help you in your future career. You never know – you and the company might get on so well, it ends up as a full-time job!

Author: Anne Sewell

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