Published On: Wed, Jan 1st, 2020

5 Ways Technology can boost Workplace Communication and Productivity

Several factors contribute to ultimate success of an organization and effective communication & productivity are leading among them. Effective business communication is all about conveying thoughts, sending & receiving useful business information and articulating expectations and business ideas in a concise and efficient manner. In a couple of recent decades, latest technology has dramatically improved the efficiency and effectiveness of various business operations from every aspect. Invention of latest communication tools and solutions have wonderfully helped management and employees to get more done in less time. Moreover, user-friendly, instantly available and secured file sharing platforms have successfully brought teams (in-house or virtual) together and their collaborative efforts are advanced now.

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Apart from the industry you are currently working in, advanced technology helps your customers attain all the necessary information they need to interact with your business and help employees as well to perform their duties more efficiently to play their significant part in the success of business or company. Below are the 5 ways technology can incredibly boost workplace communication and productivity when integrated appropriately.

Increased Accessibility

A huge number of humans is connected to the internet than ever before and communication between employees & management or between business & customers is not confined to formal documents or telephone calls. Due to the tech advancement, now we can send instant messages, share digital files and documents in real time and most importantly can make changes in the documents and business files remotely. Having a traditional physical office is no longer requirement for running and operating a business because all we can do from the rest of our homes by using internet connected mobile devices. Businesses are more mobile and flexible these days. An employee can access business systems or files from their mobile devices and can take actions even while on the go. Increased accessibility is one of the ways technology can boost business communication and productivity.

Better customer service

Customer services is one of the most vital aspects of a successful business. Integration of latest technology can amazingly improve dealing of a business with its clients to help generate huge dividends. Gone are the days when visiting the physical outlet or business office was necessary for customers to get queries and issues resolved. Now almost every business is functional with mobile responsive website, 24/7 active social media profiles and virtual receptionist, etc. to provide customers with excellent customer services in real time. Customers can know more about your business and products online without leaving their bedrooms or offices.

Cloud Integration in the Workplace

Cloud business solutions and software can effectively help a business stay organized across various workflows. Cloud based employee collaboration is gaining impetus nowadays as employees can conveniently access the required business data and information across different devices from numerous places and locations. It provides them a seamless work experience to help them complete more in less time. Implementation of cloud integrated business solutions not only help a business streamline its processes but lower the operational costs as well. When all the business projects, assets and processes are in 24/7 sync, it can significantly improve its overall operational efficiency and productivity. Cloud technology is increasingly becoming popular among businesses and companies as employees are more productive when they are assigned with flexible tasks and cloud business solutions help them complete their tasks and jobs whenever and wherever they want.

Exposure to the Bigger Market

A business is better able to convey its message internally and externally with the latest business communication and marketing solutions. Advertisement of a business or its products is not limited to print media anymore. High speed internet and digital marketing solutions offer any business endless marketing opportunities to reach a bigger and target audience. Mobile responsive websites, mobile apps, and social media profiles allows a business to promote its products or services while saving time, costs and remaining competitive in the global market.


There are several ways traditional business communication falls short and getting lost the messages in translation is one of them. Thanks to the latest technology, managers, employees and customers can easily understand and transmit messages without making them a non-sense. Translation apps, cloud technology and web-based communication solutions ensure prompt and flawless internal and external communication to boost business productivity.

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