Published On: Fri, Jan 3rd, 2020

5 Ways Social Intranet Software Can Improve Your Workplace

In the last few years we have experienced a dramatic change in the business world. Thanks to a wide range of digital tools, organizations worldwide have been revolutionizing their business operations. From improving functionality to bringing positive changes in the workplace, companies are using various kinds of applications and software to handle their operations. Social intranet software is a tool that has revolutionized business operations. How?

Also referred to as company intranet, it is a technology that has been a part of the business world since the mid-‘90s. However, it has changed a lot in the last few years. It has grown to become a collaboration tool that helps employees develop a connection with each other and work as a single unit. In addition, a social intranet provides an organization with lots of other tools that can be used to perform various kinds of business functions from different parts of the world with an Internet connection. 

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In addition to engaging employees, social intranet software helps a company in promoting productivity in the workplace. Below are some ways the software tool can help you improve your workplace:

  1.   Increased Collaboration 

Communication is an integral part of an organization. Whether it’s a small business or a big organization, it is essential that all the employees are connected with each other through a common source where they can communicate, share ideas, and help each other in completing their tasks.

A good social intranet network brings all employees of an organization on one platform, irrespective of their location. They can be sitting miles away from each other. They are provided with a common source where they can connect for projects and complete them as one team. In this way, the tool helps in increasing collaboration in the workplace.

  1. Document Sharing

One of the best social intranet platforms brings employees from different departments on a common platform, where they can communicate with each other and share digital documents. They don’t need to visit their colleagues whenever they want to work on a project. They can collaborate even when they are sitting miles from each other. They can create private groups to share knowledge or work on a shared document. 

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  1. Centralized Documents

In the form of an intranet platform, you get a source where all of your employees can store their files online and access documents shared by others. They can perform these tasks even when they are located in a remote region. All they need is an Internet connection and a device to access the platform. 

  1. Profile Directory

In addition to storing files and documents created by employees, social intranet software helps save information around workers. Authorized employees can use the information to complete their tasks. New employees can use the directory to know about their company leadership and figure out who to contact in case they need help on a project. 

  1. Knowledge Sharing 

You can use the software to create groups or add members to an existing group. After that, you can control who can access files and share knowledge with others. In this way, the online platform becomes a tool to share knowledge with others. For example, the HR department of an organization can use the platform to make employees aware of policies and holidays. 


A social intranet platform is a useful online tool that you can use for employee collaboration and improve productivity in the workplace. It helps you bring your employees on one platform where they can communicate, save documents, and share documents with each other. Choose the best  social intranet software and make it help your business grow!  

Author: Daisy Bell

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