Published On: Tue, Nov 2nd, 2021

5 Types of Equipment a Data Center Must Have

Data center performance directly depends on the operating conditions of its hardware. Smooth and well-developed connections between working parts will ensure its uninterruptible operation. To achieve this task, each server room must have a set of equipment. When planning your future system, make sure that the below-mentioned equipment for the data center is present on your premises.

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Types of Hardware for Obligatory Mounting in a Data Center

There are 5 classes of devices that must be placed in the server room, namely:

  1. Environment control equipment. High computing devices tend to overheat when operating. Thus, it is essential to equip your data center with a system that will control the temperature inside the room and regulate the level of heat generated inside both the premises and server cabinets.

Note that a separate cooling system must be mounted inside server cabinets to ensure the required temperature and humidity conditions and direct airflows efficiently. While open-structure racks allow air to circulate, close-design cabinets require the installation of additional ventilation systems. It is important to develop an airflow plan. If air circulates correctly, it will cool operating parts and guarantee heat exchange.

To this class, fans, environmental monitors, humidifiers, and other cooling devices belong.

  1. Redundant power sources. Usually, computing hardware in server rooms functions incessantly. No interruptions in between are accepted as it may result in improper functioning of equipment, while power outage may lead to system breaking and failures in work. Thus, it is important to prevent such cases. This is when redundant power is required. A large amount of power is needed with strong connections. Most data centers have a two-layer system for redundant power. Redundant power sources keep the system functioning when electricity is turned off.
  2. Server Racks & Cabinets. Hardware and auxiliary components should be mounted somehow in data centers. To ensure its ergonomic, effective, and secure allocation, server racks and cabinets are used. Such furniture pieces allow accommodating different types of data center devices without taking a lot of space. Racks and cabinets provide multi-layer placing. You can find different models of server racks and cabinets at https://sysracks.com.

Racks are open-frame posts that allow installing devices on different levels. This type of furniture provides better natural air circulation resulting in more efficient cooling. However, these models don’t protect equipment from unauthorized access.

As for cabinets, these are enclosed products that reliably protect operating devices from access. However, such models require using additional ventilation systems. Due to its closed design, airflow is not sufficient to cool the functioning apparatus inside the cabinet.

When picking an optimal cabinet size, keep in mind that extra space should always be left for future system extension and enough air circulation. 

  1. Cable management supplies. These parts help keep all your cable wires organized. Cables of different colors are frequently used to manage cable routing and easier identify which wire belongs to which port, especially when they are routed extensively. Note that data center supplies should be guided either at the top or bottom of the rack that makes it easier to replace the cable wires that go bad.
  2. Network and computer equipment. These are routers, switches, patch panels, servers, hard drives, etc. These are the heart and brain of your server room. These are the last items that need consideration. Such components require timely and thorough maintenance and need to be replaced more frequently (every three to five years) to ensure they can continue functioning properly.

Dealing with server rooms is a responsible matter. Many issues and details must be taken into account. Make sure that your data center equipment list comprises all the above-mentioned devices to ensure system smooth and uninterruptible functioning.

Author: Chris Jhodan

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