Published On: Tue, Jul 19th, 2022

5 Top Reasons To Train As A Police Officer in 2022

Do you feel a bit stuck in your job? Perhaps you are yearning for a new career, that offers discipline, excitement, and real chances at advancement? If so, you may have thought about turning your hand to policing, which is a role that certainly offers all of the aforementioned advantages!

Training as a police officer is more than simply going around arresting people. It is about discipline, and psychological fitness, paired with being in top-notch physical shape. You have to be dedicated and smart to thrive as a police officer, and you also have to have a bit of a passion for justice and fairness too. 

It is fair to say that policing has come under fire in recent years, especially in the United States, related to racial tensions. However, if you want to help change the face of policing and make a real difference in society, then this is likely to be a career that will change your life for the better – and, hopefully, the lives of others too.

Still a bit unsure? Here are some key reasons why you should consider training as a police officer. 

  1. Advancement

Around the world, most people think that a police officer joins the service and then stays as a police constable for the rest of their life. 

If you are exceptional as a police constable, it is unlikely that you will stay in that role. A career in law enforcement allows you to climb the career ladder, usually undertaking additional training along the way, such as a BA in Policing. Many people who have undertaken this course and have a few years of experience under their belts go on to become detectives, chief of police, or even sergeant majors! Depending on your skill sets and your interests, you can dedicate your career to one area of policing, which will hopefully allow you to take great pride in your work. 

  1. Competitive Pay and Benefits

Police officers are an essential part of a functional society, and this is often reflected in pay. Based on the state you are employed as a police officer in your pay rates may vary, but the median pay of a police officer according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics is $67,600. The wages you will receive will usually be in line with the cost of living in the city or state, so being a police officer in New York will likely pay more than the same role would in most other cities. 

Of course, it isn’t just the pay that is great. Many police officers are compensated for their duty with generous retirement packages, health insurance for themselves and their families, and paid leave throughout the year, as well as very generous maternity and paternity pay. These can often add up to a substantial amount and are higher than what many other roles pay their employees. Based on the number of years that you have been a police officer, and dependent on the role you move up to, you will likely be able to earn more than the standard $67,600 and will likely receive more benefits too. 

  1. Make A Difference

Many people are a bit underwhelmed with their line of work. Sure, it pays the bills and is generally an OK role to have, but most people want more from life. 

Being a police officer allows you to have a real impact on the surrounding society in which you live. You will be out and about, serving people in the community and working hard to keep them safe. The role of a police officer is a varied one and as such no 2 days will be the same. If you have a real passion to help those who need help and want to ensure that people are kept safe, then being a police officer is likely to be an ideal role for you. 

Aside from becoming a paramedic or a firefighter, being a police officer is one of the only roles that truly allows you to save people who are in direct danger.

  1. Movement

Police officers that are skilled and smart are in high demand across the US. So, it is one job that can offer you the chance to move around the country if you want to. 

This means that if you want to move from Florida to Chicago, you can simply transfer across without having to change jobs. Of course, such a change in location and state would require you to undertake a bit of additional training relating to those states’ laws and regulations but you can rest assured that when you train as a police officer, you are never likely to be out of work. Thus, you can see the country without having to worry about finding steady employment, as you will already have it.

  1. Early Retirement

It is a joke that is seen on many shows that have police officers; they will become injured on the job, and someone will say ‘that’s a shame, they had one day left till retirement.’ However, you may have noticed that in these programs and films, the person who is set to retire is often a bit younger than you would think someone entering retirement would be. 

There is a reason for this. Across the United States, police officers often have the option to securely retire after around 20-25 years of service. This means that even if you join the service when you are 45, you will still be able to retire comfortably when you are in your 60s, which is an early retirement in today’s economy!

Interestingly, however, many people who are trained as police officers do not want to take early retirement and want to continue being active members of the service. 

Is Becoming A Police Officer For You?

Most people want an interesting job, which has good pay, has a good team ethic and of course, allows advancement. If this sounds like something you are looking for in your career, then it may be worth looking a bit more into becoming a police officer.

Author: Carol Trehearn

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