Published On: Wed, Sep 4th, 2019

5 Tips to Successfully Get Your Driver’s License

Are you excited to get your driver’s license? Are you looking forward to going places without your parents driving you?

Well, to make these things happen, you need to do some preparations. You have to study about driving-related matters as well as practice driving. More importantly, you have to comply with certain state-mandated requirements.

You see, getting a driver’s license is not as simple as submitting an application form at the DMV and waiting for it to get approved. Furthermore, for teenagers like you, having a driver’s license doesn’t automatically equate to driving around unsupervised. 

Take note:

Most states implement what’s called the Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) system. The program is meant to reduce car crash incidents involving teenage drivers. How? It requires teens to acquire more driving experience before obtaining their full license.

Clearly, unlike your parent’s time, getting a driver’s license today is not as easy as 1-2-3. In fact, some applicants fail at this endeavor on their first try.

While getting full driving privileges is not a walk in the park, it’s not a Herculean task as well. Just follow our tips below to successfully obtain your driver’s license:

Know What the Process and Requirements Are

How soon can you apply for a license? What documents should be submitted? What restrictions do you need to comply with to advance to the next stage?

Keep in mind:

The licensing process and requirements vary per state. For example, California’s minimum age for a Learner’s Permit is 15 ½ while Kansas’s is 14. 

Furthermore, while all states have GDL laws, their provisions are different. Take the case of drivers education. There are states like Nevada and Pennsylvania which have made it mandatory for teen drivers to complete formal driving lessons. There are also places where it is not required. 

Knowing all the pertinent information beforehand can make your application hassle-free. It also enables you to prepare properly.

Enroll in a Drivers Ed Program

A drivers education course equips new drivers with the knowledge they need to pass their DMV written exam. It is also designed to help these teenagers become safe and responsible drivers. This is why, even if completing a drivers ed course is not mandatory in your state, enrolling in one is well worth your time.

Most states require at least 30 hours of formal driving instruction. After completing the course, students are furnished with a Certificate of Completion which is then submitted to the DMV.

Nowadays, this course is offered offline and online. A lot of teens prefer Internet-based programs as these allow them to study anytime, anywhere. If you go for this option, just make sure that you pick a drivers ed online course that is DMV-approved. This is to ensure that the program of study provides all the information you need to pass the DMV knowledge test.

Take a Behind-the-Wheel Course

You may also be required to finish a practical driving course. Most states require at least 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training supervised by a professional driving instructor. 

Just like in choosing your drivers ed course, be meticulous in picking a training program. Spend time researching to find the best training provider near you.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Studies show that people your age (18 years old and below) figure in a lot of traffic accidents because of the lack of driving experience. This is why one of the provisions of GDL laws is for teens to complete certain number of hours of driving practice with an adult. This is in addition to the 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training.

In California, the requirement is 50 hours of practice with an adult who has a California driver’s license. At least 10 hours of the 50 must be spent driving at night.

Comply with the Restrictions

Before you can get your full license, you have to comply with certain restrictions. This may include driving only when you’re with an adult and not incurring any traffic citations.

Violating these restrictions won’t just mean not getting your license. It may also lead to infractions and fines. 

If you really want to get your license, do the work and follow the tips above. Soon enough you’d earn your full driving privileges and go wherever you want.

Author: Fran Soriano

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