Published On: Thu, Dec 29th, 2016

5 Tips For a Healthy, Shiny Smile

If you’re like most people, one of the first things that you notice about another person is their smile. When people smile, they’re showing you that they aren’t the enemy, that they’re approachable. Even when telling bad news, the right kind of smile shows empathy and connection on a human level, and that’s why it’s important that you work on your own smile in a focused manner.

Five tips for having the best smile that you can involve straightening those teeth, brushing regularly, doing face yoga, understanding the value of micro-expressions, and in general having a basic peace of mind (that will translate to your face).

Straighten Them Up

Even though you can have a healthy smile without perfectly straight teeth, it’s still something to aim for if you have to money to do a bit of cosmetic work. Talk to your orthodontist about options for straightening your teeth next time you get your teeth cleaned, and see what your options are in terms of things like braces or even just mouthpieces or retainers. It’s not as noticeable of a process these days, like the old huge chunks of metal in your face process of the past.

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Brush Regularly

One of the easiest ways to get a better smile is to have clean teeth! That means brushing as many times as your dentist recommends, and matching a type of toothbrush and type of toothpaste to your particular needs. Even having a flavor that you enjoy more, or perhaps using toothpaste that is sensitive to gum pain will get you in a better habit of brushing your way to a healthy and happy smile.

Face Yoga For Muscles and Wrinkles

Have you ever done face yoga? It may seem ridiculous and arbitrary, but not only does it help with your smile, it also can be a moment of meditation for you every day. It makes the skin and muscles in your face stronger, and that in turn will translate to a better looking smile for you over time.

Understanding Microexpressions

Microexpressions and the super short expressions that you or other people make before your conscious mind changes your expression to what it wants rather than what it feels. So, once you understand what these are, you can start using them to your advantage in terms of engaging certain muscles while smiling to give a certain vibe off.

Find Your Peace of Mind

A smile will showcase your state of mind. If you’re concerned or upset, your smile may not reach your eyes, and people will notice. However, if you have an inner sense of peace, you’ll find that your smile is automatically better, regardless even of the other factors mentioned earlier, like straightening or even basic cleanliness.

Author: Anna Johansson

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