Published On: Fri, Feb 17th, 2017

5 Things You Need to Launch a New Restaurant

Nothing is scarier than starting a new business, apart from launching a new restaurant. Not only are you investing your finances into a new company, but you are putting your heart and soul on the line in the form of your food, restaurant design and customer service experience.

You will be under the watchful eye of both the public and critics, and people will not be afraid to air their opinions if you don’t make the grade. To help you on the path to success, we are offering some top tips to help you successfully launch a restaurant.

Industry Experience

You might be a talented cook. You might even have a flair for business. But unfortunately, your business could be over before it has begun if you do not have hospitality experience. Running a restaurant is different to any other business. It is demanding, to say the least. You cannot be workshy and you must be 100% committed to the customer.

If it is your dream to run your own restaurant, but you don’t have the experience to match, it is recommended you try your hand at the hospitality business before you sink your savings into the new venture. You could wait tables, assist the manager or simply lend a helping hand in the kitchen, so you can see if you have what it takes to survive in the cut-throat industry.

photo/Brandon Jones at Universal Studios Orlando 2012

Refine the Food

The food will decide whether your restaurant is a success, not just the interior, marketing or customer service experience. If the dishes aren’t great, you can guarantee people will take to social media and online review websites to make a complaint.

You must therefore work alongside talented chefs to create an award-winning menu people will fall in love with time and time again. Speak to the head chef about the professional kitchen equipment and produce they need to create dishes that will linger on your guests’ tongues for years to come.

Negotiate with Suppliers

The price you pay for food will determine your profit margin. It can therefore be cost-effective to negotiate a discount with suppliers. What’s more, you could try to cut back on ordering expensive items that go to waste, or aim to create dishes that use every part of an ingredient. For example, you can use the fat from a whole chicken to make a delicious chicken stock.

Create a Website

The restaurant’s launch is bound to be your primary focus, so the thought of creating a website might be the last thing on your mind. However, it is essential you make it a priority, because people will want to learn more about a menu once they discover a restaurant it set to launch in the city – so you must create a user-friendly, aesthetically-pleasing site that allows people to learn more about who you are, where you are and the food you serve.

Build a Brand

Your brand needs to work in unison with your menu and restaurant interior, so it is essential you develop a brand and tone of voice that is synonymous with your food. The brand is your USP and will help you stand apart from your rivals, so think carefully about the name, logo, tone and style – because this will determine whether a person books a table at your restaurant or heads to a competitor.

Author: Joao Pedro

food bank cafeteria restaurant

photo Richard Croft via wikimedia

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