Published On: Mon, May 7th, 2018

5 Things to Do after You’ve Been Involved in an Accident

Accidents are unfortunate incidents happening unintentionally resulting in damage or injury. An average person spends a lot of time on the road daily, either as a driver or passenger, and is therefore at risk of accidents. About 25 million people are injured or disabled due to accidents annually. 37000 also die due to the same. Most times, these deaths and injuries could have been avoided if particular vital steps were followed after the accidents happened. It is very important that you are armed with tips on what to do when you’re involved in an auto accident so as to be safe. The following are 5 basic steps to follow.

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  • Ensure  safety first


Some safety measures to take include switching off the car engine and putting on the hazard lights so as to inform other road users of your presence and of the fact that you have a problem. Check and confirm if other passengers in the vehicle with you are safe as well. If any is injured, begin doing first aid on them. If the auto is in a compromised position like at the edge of a hilltop, do not alight.


  • Seek help


Reaching the emergency number or police officers is very important. Even if the injuries are not very serious, the cops have to be called as soon as possible so that they record the accident. If there are any serious injuries, the ambulances need to be reached as well. Obtain the information about the cops who attend to the situation so that you do not struggle when you need a police report to file a claim with your insurance company.


  • Exchange and collect information


This is vital, especially if you’re involved in the accident with another vehicle. Try and collect details such as their names, contact numbers, addresses, driver’s license numbers and license plate numbers. Also identify the car model, make and color. The cops can help you with this. Additionally, document everything that occurred during the incident and give the cops an account of the same. If any witnesses were around, talk to them and get their contacts as well. Take photos of the damages from different angles and those of injuries as well.


  • Contact your insurance company


It’s important to promptly inform your insurance provider of the accident. Give them factual details of exactly what happened. You can actually request that an insurance agent visits the site of the accident. This whole process makes it easy for the insurer to determine what you will need to process your claim and have your auto repaired as soon as possible


  • Settle your insurance claim with the help of a legal advisor


The claim is prepared by the insurer but before signing any settlement claim, it’s prudent to get legal advice as the attorney can enable you to maximize your recovery or even defend you if you’re at fault. Consulting an experienced law firm like Rock Hill law firm can help you have your rights protected and you’ll also get sound advice that will enable you to make good decisions even while stressed.

No need to be stressed

Auto Accidents Attorneys Rock Hill South Carolina is your reliable auto accident law firm. They will defend you, enable you to recover fast and help you make good decisions. You won’t have to walk alone.

Author: Charlie Brown

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