Published On: Fri, Sep 20th, 2019

5 Things to Consider Before You Say ‘Yes’ To The Job Offer

Looking for a new job can be a long and arduous process, so once you receive an offer, it’s a huge relief. While you might be ready to sign the paperwork and start on Monday, there are a few things to consider before you accept a job offer.

Is There Room for Growth?

Unless you’re getting your dream position right off the bat with the ideal salary, corner office, and everything else you’ve ever dreamed of, you probably want a job that will allow you to grow. While it can be awkward to ask about promotions or raises before you’re even officially hired, you should be able to ask about what kinds of advancements are possible.

Don’t hesitate to tell your potential employer what your vision is for your career path. While they might not (or cannot) guarantee you any solid details about your future, you should feel confident about growing with the company.

Do They Value Employee Wellness?

Health insurance and other benefits are a “must” in every new job, but before you say yes to the job offer, think about how the company values employee wellness. Are there healthy snacks in the breakroom? Do they offer lunchtime yoga sessions or walking desks for employees who want it? Do they offer adequate sick days?

Don’t forget to ask about employee safety and if you are covered by workers’ compensation insurance. Even if you are planning on working in an office, you can still get injured while on the job.

Research suggests that employers who get involved in the community with volunteerism have happier and healthier employees. Does your potential employer get involved?

Your definition of “wellness” is likely to be different from someone else, but rethink accepting a job offer from a company that doesn’t value employee safety or wellness.

How Far Do You Have to Commute?

Unless you love commuting and spending time behind the wheel, your new job should not be a longer commute than the current job you have. The benefits of the job may outweigh the time you spend commuting but don’t hesitate to ask if there are options for working from home a few times a week to cut down on your drive time.

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What’s the Office Culture Like?

Even if you only got a quick tour of the office or environment you’ll be working in, you should have a pretty good idea about the office culture. Did the place seem relaxed? Were employees smiling and welcoming? Did you hear any water cooler gossip?

Things may not always be what they seem, but most of the time you can spot red flags easily. 

Does the Company Have a Good Reputation?

Most people do their research on a company before they apply or go through the interview process. If you haven’t done much digging on your potential employer, it’s time to do so before you accept the job offer.

What kind of reputation does the company have? Does their mission statement clash with any of your beliefs? You might not care much about the company that you’re working for (as you’re only in it for the job), but some potential employees like to know that they are working for someone that they can get behind and support.

Author: Anees Sadiq

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