Published On: Tue, Jan 15th, 2019

5 Things That You Should Know About Divorce

When most people think of divorce, they think of many meetings with solicitors as well as arguments between both sides. Of course, divorce doesn’t always have to be difficult – especially if both parties are able to remain calm and collected throughout the process. Here, we are going to talk you through some of the things that you should know about divorce before going through with it.

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It Takes Around A Year And A Half

Getting divorced is not a simple process, there are lots of things that need to be decided on, and issues can arise throughout the process. If you are looking for a quick divorce, don’t get your hopes up as you are likely to wait around a year and a half for the entire process to be completed. If there are children involved, then you might find the process takes even longer!

The Cost Varies

A lot of people who separate from their partners don’t end up getting divorced because of the overall cost. You not only need to split some of your money with your partner, but you’ll need to pay legal fees and your divorce lawyer throughout the process. Depending on the circumstances, some people spend a lot of money while others pay less. An excellent way to figure out how much it will cost you is to contact fixed fee divorce solicitors who can give you a set price and help you budget.

You Should Wait 18 Months

Although it can be tempting to file for divorce at the first sign of trouble, you need to remember that this is a complicated process and you need to think it through carefully. Most professionals recommend that you wait at least 18 months before filing for divorce from the moment that you first think about it. This is to give you time to consider it and figure out if you are likely to change your mind. Give yourself some time, and you can save yourself some hassle in the future if you make the final decision after 18 months.

There Are Three Popular Causes

When it comes to divorce, many people blame it on falling out of love or various other reasons. Of course, you will find that there are three leading causes of divorce which people often state as their reason when filing. The three main causes are money, religion and sex. Many people believe that these are the only causes of divorce which indeed is interesting to think about.

Finding The Right Lawyer Counts

The final thing that you should know about divorce is the fact that having the right lawyer for you can make all of the difference. A good divorce lawyer will stand up for what you want and give you advice on how you should proceed. Without the right lawyer, you might come across more problems or be surprised when your ex-partner makes a move.

Make sure to take on board our advice if you are thinking about getting a divorce.

Author: Jayce Redford

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