Published On: Fri, Feb 2nd, 2018

5 Steps to Ordering a Car Gun Safe

For years people have been carrying long guns in the back windows of their pickup trucks, but the time has come when that practice is frowned upon as unsafe. That doesn’t change the fact that many feel safer having their long gun or gun at hands reach.

Even in open-carry states there are places which are inaccessible with firearms, so it’s smart to consider what will happen to it while you are visiting such a place.

The perfect solution comes in the form of car gun safes- the answer to this particular conundrum.

kid pointing handgun photo/ Michael Jarmoluk via pixabay.com

Here are the 5 simple steps in choosing the right car gun safe to suit your needs:

  1.    Choose the Right Lock System

There is a large variety of different safes in the market, with very different lock options. The three of most popular ones are: biometric systems, mechanical locks and electronic locks.

The safest, and most expensive option, is a biometric lock, as it provides ultimate protection and doesn’t allow anyone other than you personally to open the safe.

Mechanical locks look formidable and intimidating, but are unfortunately not that hard to get into, especially when dealing with more experienced thieves. If someone has the toolbox needed, they’d have no bigger problems opening the safe.

And that leads us to electronic locks: though they’re rising in popularity recently, a lot of the locks can be pried open with a few well-placed hits.

I definitely recommend going with biometric if that’s possible.

  1. Consider the Size

Most car gun safes are small enough to fit under your seat, which is ultimately what you want (unless you’re looking for a safe for your rifle)

The size and shape still needs to be considered, as some people prefer to keep some of their other valuable possessions locked away just because they now have that option.

Think about what you’d like to keep in your car gun safe: if you’re going for the license, the gun and some ammunition, you’d do well to choose the standard size.

That being said, there are also some bigger options in the market, offering greater storage capacity and safety measurements. The main downside of them is the hardship that comes with concealing them, as they are not able to fit under your seat.

  1. Consider the Durability

Imagine your car was broken into. You don’t want the robbers to have easy access to your gun. This is one of the main reasons for getting the car gun safe in the first place.

This is why you need to carefully select the right type of material of the safe. It would be best if it’s made of something sturdy and not easy to break into. The choice of the lock also comes into play here.

Maybe petty thieves have no intricate knowledge of alarm and lock systems, but if you opt for something basic it could mean that you’re left without protection and someone else is in the possession of your firearm. And nobody wants that.

  1. The Bolting Options

A lot of regular gun safes come with the option of being bolted to the floor, in an effort to discourage potential robbers for taking the safe with them. However, this is not an option with car gun safes, as their main purpose is maneuverability.

That isn’t to say that there aren’t ways to keep your car gun safe in place, without actually bolting it to the floor.

Some gun safes have the option of connecting and securing them to anywhere in the car with a special cable. The cable comes with the safe, so you won’t have to spend any more money than you were originally going to. It’s an efficient way to add even more protection to your gun.

  1.  Accessibility

The whole point of having a gun in your vehicle is to ensure that you’re protected when the occasion calls for it. That’s not really an option if your weapon is secured in such a way that you would need to take a lot of steps and time in order to get into it.

While it’s important that no one else is able to do so, you should be able to reach your weapon at a moment’s notice.

This is another point where the choice of locks comes into play- opting for a key lock would mean more time needed to access the weapon, whereas choosing a number lock combination or fingerprint identification will get you there faster.

It all comes down to the personal needs you might have.

Car gun safes enable you to safely secure your weapon, without the fear of anyone being able to reach it and use it against you. This helps you own up to the responsibility of owning a gun, while not depriving you of the security you feel when it’s close.

Keep in mind these 5 simple steps when choosing your car gun safe, and you’re sure to choose well.

Author: Sam Altars

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