Published On: Wed, Jul 16th, 2014

5 Steps to Kick Start Freelance Academic Writing Career

Academic writing is not for everyone. And, anyone in the business, the real business of it, will tell you that. It is for those who are focused and patient, who can utilize argumentative or persuasive words well. The main concept when you enter this field is to see if you’re fit for the job. And, every job is VERY different.

ThePensters, the first community of freelance academic writers and one of the best custom writing services, offers 5 effective steps to kick-start your writing academic career.

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Step #1. Find What Suits Your Personality

All projects have specific instructions to identify what fits your personality well, and sometimes there will be instructions that won’t make sense to you at all. In other words, many different challenges will be faced, this including a rubric guide, certain references only being authorized to use, and sometimes tables and charts that may be required to explain your reasoning. However, this can sometimes be determined by a natural born talent to calculate information, allowing you to ace the project.

Step #2. Build Your Network

Once you get your name out there, you can start to build your network. You can socialize on a level where you earn respect, not only for your skills but for your ability to achieve the desired results. Obviously, this will build a reputation because of your “original” work, since plagiarism is a problem in this industry. In fact, building your network by word of mouth will get easier and easier because your clients will get excited about the results they expected. But, how can you start to socialize? How can you build a network ensuring to maintain this as a personal business or income? In this current day and age, there are many ways to advertise: Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist, and Elance are some social networks to name a few. Through these very popular networks, it can be done. And mind: it’s important to network with other freelance writers from the same custom paper writing service. It’s the perfect way to collaborate and improve professional writing skills.
Of course, anything takes time, but in the end, building your network will start to come to you and you won’t have to come to it.

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Networking isn’t just Facebook and Twitter

Step #3. Build Your Portfolio

Arranging a portfolio at a custom essay writing service ThePensters is a good start as well. However, it wasn’t mentioned at first because you have to build this with experience. Once a few starter pieces are put together, you will get more and more assignments to show different techniques and practices used to demonstrate and prove your work as “quality” material. Arranging a portfolio needs to have different subjects that vary from psychological, all the way to English literature essays. You can also have different subjects from your platform of writing (in the portfolio), with some that include tables and bullet points. These types of reports will vary drastically, so this portfolio will show all your colors!

Step #4. Gain Credibility

Now, earlier we were discussing how to join a network which can build on it, but how about simply getting your name out there? Some sites that are suggested already, but on the other end of the spectrum, are Odesk, Elance, and the custom writing service ThePensters. These sites will help you get reviews which will give you the credibility you need. In most cases, many want this freedom. The freedom to charge what they want. But, you have to start somewhere, so take advantage of these sites. Joining these online custom paper writing services is a great way to get started and appreciate some feedback, to not only make you a better writer but to get the results others want from you. This can be hard to do at first but with time, you will see results from the trial and error that your natural skills as an academic writer can build on.

Step #5. Identify With Being Unique

Overall, being an academic writer is different. This is where I want you to identify with your unique talent. It’s not something just anyone can do. It takes brains and patience, and these suggestions will help show your skills. It will get you moving forward in the direction of your own business within. It will incline your reputation as the academic expert that you want to be. Once you recognize how far these unique abilities can go, the money that an academic writer can bring in is very lucrative and rewarding!

Guest Author: ThePensters 

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