Published On: Mon, Jan 23rd, 2017

5 Reasons Your Business Must Go Green

Did you know that going green has the potential to improve your company’s bottom line? Not only can it improve your profits and boost your reputation, but it can also, most importantly, reduce your organisation’s impact on our planet.

Every company across the world has a responsibility to lower their carbon footprint at every opportunity, and here’s how you can achieve a greener working environment.

Paper Savings

In today’s modern world, there really is no reason to waste money on paper. Become a paperless company and encourage your employees to spend less time around the printer. Utilise cloud networks and scan any important documents into the cloud’s systems. By opting for a cloud network, you could potentially slash your paper purchases by 50% a year.

Stand Out from Your Rivals

Every company wants to offer a superb USP, and nothing could be better than going to great lengths to save the Earth. Your commitment to our planet will prove to your customers that you are a caring and committed company, so they might be more likely to trust your business and use your services.

photo/ Brandon Jones


Instead of your employees boosting their carbon footprint by driving into work, you could encourage telecommuting as part of your operations. Thanks to the wonders of technology, your employees can benefit from file sharing and video conference calls.

Happy employees also make loyal employees, so you can trust they will love the flexibility of being able to work at home, allowing you to retain hardworking team members. Also, as employees won’t be at their desks using computers, you will cut back on your electricity bills. You could even seek the help of metrolocks.co.uk to cut several keys for management, so only a few team members must be in the office at any one time, allowing people the flexibility of enjoying a day in the office or at home.

Use LED Lighting

Utility bills can sometimes eat away at a company’s profits. If you want to cut back on expenditure, you should consider installing energy efficient lighting, such as LED lightbulbs. The handy little lightbulbs can provide a pure source of light and can last approximately 20 years, so you won’t have to pay out for any replacements.

Attract Investors

You will want to prove to potential investors that you are a financially responsible company, and going green can help you do just that. An investor is more likely to invest in your company if they know you strive to reduce your overheads whenever possible, which would allow them to receive a greater return on their investment.

There are so many reasons for a business to become an eco-friendly company. If you want to appear like a forward-thinking, passionate and caring organisation, going green might be just the thing you need to do to catapult your company, whilst providing a more productive and positive working environment. You can also save a significant amount of money off your overheads, which you can reinvest back into your business.

Author: Carol Trehearn

photo/ ClkerFreeVectorImages via Pixabay.com

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  1. University Office Technologies | Going Green is Good Business says:

    […] Encourage employees to refrain from printing whenever possible. Printing and the physical storage of files and databases is also draining your energy. Consult with your IT partner about converting to a cloud-based data storage system. By opting for a cloud network, you could potentially slash your paper purchases by 50% a year. […]

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