Published On: Tue, Jan 10th, 2023

5 Reasons Why Truck Accident Claims Are More Complicated

Truck crashes are different from car accidents. Truck accidents are more severe and lead to extensive injuries and property damage. Recovering total compensation for a significant truck crash’s non-financial and financial effects can be challenging. This article outlines five reasons why truck accident claims are more complicated.

Multiple parties involved in a claim

Multiple parties might be held responsible for your damages if you’re injured in a truck accident. Truck drivers are responsible for safely operating the vehicle. However, their negligence may cause an accident. The trucking company must hire qualified drivers, train them, and use alcohol and drug screening to avoid substance abuse. Failure to uphold their obligation may make the trucking company liable for the accident. Loading companies, companies that load commercial trucks with cargo, must ascertain that the contents are safe and secured adequately for road travel.

Where an accident is cargo-related, the loading company is held responsible. Mechanical failures and defective parts may cause truck crashes. The parts manufacturers might be liable if the accident occurred due to a defective part. While these companies may talk you into accepting a small amount for your damages, a trucking accident attorney can help you get full compensation. Click here to learn more about truck accident claims, including trucking companies that have the most accidents


Severe injuries

In a truck accident, there’s a higher possibility of severe injuries, which can complicate the case. Drivers and passenger vehicle occupants may suffer brain and head trauma, spinal cord damage, orthopedic injuries, amputations, and burns. Rehabilitating and treating these injuries can be expensive.

In some instances, victims may not completely recover, limiting their potential to work and earn a living. If the accident was caused by negligence, you might get total compensation. Even when you’re eligible for accident benefits, no-fault compensation might not cover all the damages from the truck accident.

Multiple insurance companies might be involved

Based on the crash’s circumstances, you can file insurance claims with multiple companies because most parties who may be liable for a truck accident have different insurance companies covering them. While you might be eligible for significant compensation via numerous insurance policies, maneuvering the various policy limits, coverage, and terms can be complex.

Commercial trucking can be an international and interstate business. This means the truck can be insured by a company outside your state or country, further complicating the claim. However, hiring a truck accident lawyer well versed in litigating claims against insurance companies from other states or countries can help get maximum compensation.

Trucking companies and drivers have unique regulations

Federal and state agencies regulate commercial drivers and trucking companies in the United States. The rules, including hours of service, annual inspections, and truck maintenance, might be more stringent, complicating the truck accident claim even more.

Several vehicles may be involved

Thanks to their weight and size, trucks are usually hard to stop or control in emergencies, creating room for mistakes and increasing the risk of the truck ramming into several other vehicles on the road. This may make it more challenging to determine fault to accelerate the claim.


Getting compensation for truck accident damages is more challenging than a car accident. Familiarize yourself with the reasons why truck accident claims are more complicated.

Author: Layla Griffin

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