Published On: Fri, Feb 22nd, 2019

5 Reasons Why Instagram Bots are Gaining Popularity

If you are an Instagram user in the prime of life with a proactive attitude to life you’ve probably engrossed in thought about winning more followers and in such a way to become as popular as “Instagram” account. There exists a variety of methods of becoming popular on Instagram. And this article will tell you about one of them, Instagram Bot specifically.

Poetic note: that’s a curious thing, that a tool created for you to gain popularity becomes popular. And the more popular Instagram Bots becoming the more people become popular. That’s a vicious circle.

photo/ Pete Linforth

So let’s consider why it’s Instagram Bots that have become one of the most effective tools for personal and business promotion.

  • They are impactful

What is the most critical index of the popularity of the account? Surprisingly, but it’s not a number of your followers but an engagement rate for sure!  It even doesn’t matter whether you have a million of followers or not while only 20 of them like and comment your posts.

So what way Instagram Bots provide you with higher engagements rate? Thanks to certain algorithms it will set up such a correct targeting campaign that will boost your audience that really needs you. Their options like automated likes, comments, direct messages, and even auto follow and unfollow will assist you in your marketing campaigns.

In addition, if you are an owner of business acc, it will push up your sales by gaining more followers, which are potential customers as a default.

  • They are smart

Technologies do not stay still, they are constantly moving ahead. Today’s Instagram automation tools are crazy smart due to the use of Artificial Intelligence. These brainboxes mimic real human behavior with options like Stories views and Feed views.

They are save

Anecdotal evidence suggests that it’s a huge risk to use Instagram automation tools for advertising. If you use a prehistoric Bot, of course, you are at risk of being banned by Instagram due to “suspicious activity”. But most Instagram Bots are cutting-edge tools, which use certain algorithms with limits set that will never let your acc to be banned.

Moreover, it worth mentioning that all of the Bots promise complete data security by using individual Proxy servers. Thus, you can be sure that your email address and other info will never be in wrong hands.

  • They are improving

I am talking about adding new features. To remain competitive at the market each of the providers of that services will invest time and money in their product improvements. That’s the market rule. They add new features and functions on a regular basis. For example, the latest trend is the Scheduled Posting with preliminary buying of a certain amount of likes. Plus some of Instagram Bots offer an online generation of hashtags by a photo. The newly-baked features I came across recently was automated Comment Likes and Stories views.

  • They are convenient

The developers of those automation tools took care of the simplicity of use. They obtain a user-friendly interface and can be used even by your grandma.

And on top of that it will save a lot of time and efforts. A couple of clicks and you are at the peak of glory (not in your dreams but in actual life finally.)

Of course, it is up to you to decide whether to use Instagram Bots in aid of fast promotion or not. And there are no Bots that will save your account from silence if your content is lame and ugly. So, first, take care of the content and information that you offer for the public eye. And only then think of the promotion methods.

There we have it. Good luck with your promotions!

Author: Max Dalton, a Project manager Ingramer-powerful instagram growth assistant

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