Published On: Mon, Jan 22nd, 2018

5 Reasons to Wear Cashmere in 2018

Cashmere is known as the luxury fabric of any generation because of its difficulty to obtain the fibers to make the wool. It’s made from the undercoat of the Capra Hircus goat in the Himalayas and mostly around Mongolia. The winters are extreme and the goats grow the undercoat to survive. The most traditional way to harvest the long undercoat is during the spring when the wild goats moult and rub again anything leaving behind the precious fibers. Local mountain people gather the wool from these areas and turn the clumps into a fine fiber can be as thin as 2 ply and as thick as 12 ply. The amazing part of this fiber is that it is extremely soft and pliable, but also has the water resistant properties of thicker wool.

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1. It’s soft against our skin

Cashmere is one of the softest materials against our skin. Human skin is very sensitive and some people feel itchy and scratchy when they wear regular wool. The fibers are frayed and think and tend to chafe against our skin. It’s especially popular as loungewear because of its softness. You can wear it all day and not feel one scratchy moment. It’s also perfect for blankets for infants because they don’t chafe against the fabric. It’s extremely adaptable and pliable. As early as the 13th century, cashmere was considered the garment to wear for royals. It’s softness was a great offset to the harsh, stiff garments of that time. Today, it’s made into almost any garment and available to everyone.

2. It’s warm and cool

The wonders of any wool is that it increases has pockets inside the fiber that hold warm air within the fabric. But cashmere is better than most because the fibers themselves are made to keep the goat warm in the winter. The hollow fibers make it able to hold more warm air and therefor keep the wearer warm with the thinner fabric. That makes cashmere more desirable because you don’t experience the bulk of other wools. As undergarments, cashmere is unprecedented for warmth and moisture wicking. In the winter, it will keep you warm and dry, but then in the summer, it will keep you cool by holding in the cool air. This versatile fabric can be worn all year round,

3. It’s shrink resistant

One of the down sides of some wool products is that they tend to shrink when they’re washed. Cashmere garments resist shrinking and will when properly cared for, will hold their shape longer than most other garments. Your cashmere sweater will last a lifetime and is guaranteed to be one of your favorite shirts for the rest of your life. If you pinch a true cashmere garment between your fingers, you’ll notice that it doesn’t pill or wrinkle but returns to its original form. This is an excellent way to determine if you’re purchasing real cashmere wool and not an acrylic knock off. There are more affordable cashmere-merino blends that can work well, but the true full cashmere garment is always the best to purchase.

4. It’s become more affordable

Even though the process of getting the wool hasn’t changed much in hundreds of years, cashmere has become more affordable as they’ve found better ways to manufacture it. It’s also become more versatile in what it’s used for. There are cashmere coats that are lined in silk. You can get cashmere sweaters for men and women, but you can also get socks, scarves and blazers. There are even cashmere blankets. The process to produce cashmere is the same, but now there are farmers who breed goats specifically for the best cashmere wool. One goat can produce approximately 100 grams of fibers per season. That means it can take up to five goats to make one garment. The world wide production of high quality cashmere is between 15,000 and 20,000 tons per year. That’s not nearly enough to satisfy demand. But even though it’s still one of the hardest fabrics to make, it’s become much affordable and when mixed with merino wool can create a much more affordable option for those on a budget.

5. It will last a long time

The resiliency of cashmere has long been known and cherished. If you take proper care of your cashmere garment, it will last you a lifetime. Many labels on cashmere state that you should “Dry Clean Only” and while that’s is doable, you can also wash your cashmere garment in water because the fiber is actually hair and not wool. It’s best to use cool water and avoid harsh detergents. There are special cashmere detergents, but you can use baby shampoo just as easily. Gently squeeze the cashmere instead of rubbing it together to the suds permeate the fabric. Finally, rinse it thoroughly and then lay it out on a flat surface and press it gently with a towel until its damp. Then allow it to dry completely before hanging it up.

2018 is the year that you’ll be able to get one of the softest, warmest, and strongest fabrics in the world. Cashmere. With these tips and reason you’ll enjoy your cashmere garment for a lifetime.

Author: Clarissa Caouette

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