Published On: Tue, Aug 25th, 2020

5 Reasons Nursing is a Great Career Choice

If you are looking for some direction in life and you are passionate about helping others — and you want to enter a growing job sector plus grow professionally — then you should seriously consider nursing. Here’s why. 

Enter One of the Most Reliable Job Markets 

Healthcare needs are on the rise as more people gain access to services and populations grow older. More professionals need to be available to cover those needs. In current times, nurses are especially in high demand, as they tend to work more closely with patients than doctors, and therefore cover much of the basic work that needs to be done. Nurses constitute the backbone of healthcare in hospitals and clinics, so choosing to become one will make you an important part of the system

This characteristic of being essential makes nursing a reliable career with continuous job offers — a privilege very few professions can boast about currently. So, once you receive your nursing license, you’ll be ready to enter a job market that’s been waiting for someone like you. You’ll also have a much easier time finding work as a recent graduate and move faster along your career path. 

image by Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade from Flickr Creative Commons.

Working Closely with Others

Healthcare takes real teamwork to be successful. Nurses must communicate properly with doctors and work side by side with technicians, so that everyone counts. If you are struggling with feeling isolated or alone, then the role of a nurse can be the right medicine for you. 

As a nurse, you’ll be required to work in close proximity to other medical professionals and management to care for patients. In some cases, your ability to work well with others might even save a life. Nursing is a great choice for people who crave human contact and thrive in team environments. 

A Most Rewarding Profession 

There is something to be said about coming home from a day’s work knowing you changed someone’s life, and that’s a feeling you can get as a nurse. As a healthcare professional, you are close to patients during what can be the best or worst day of their lives. If you do your job right, you can absolutely change someone’s entire existence. 

Helping strangers can be one of the most rewarding experiences a human ever has. Imagine if you do so for a living and get paid well while doing it. You will be able to treat others how you would like to be treated, as well as provide comfort and a shoulder to lean on.

You Can Choose Your Own Path Within Nursing

Being a nurse doesn’t stop with getting your license. To get anywhere professionally, you’ll need a masters in nursing that will boost your career to higher levels. This advanced degree will hone your skill in a particular area of medicine, and there are plenty of choices, including: 


  • Family Care
  • Mental Health
  • Geriatric 
  • Anesthesiology 
  • Pediatric 
  • Surgery
  • And so many more!

You can even turn that degree into an opportunity to become a Nurse Practitioner, which means you’ll be even more independent and highly skilled. Once you’ve reached a certain point in your nursing career, you’ll have more autonomy of decisions, moving up the ranks with your efforts. 

It’s very rare that a career allows so much freedom and so much variety. Just take your time to make sure it fits with what you want. 

Go Wherever You Want

There is so much demand for nurses in the US alone that the term ‘traveling nurse’ has been around for decades. It depicts nurses who travel from place to place to fill momentary needs and who explore and move on. It’s almost unimaginable that a steady job such as nursing would also offer this kind of independence of movement, but it does. 

You can even find similar educational opportunities outside your home country, as long as you are able to communicate in the local language and validate your degree. For those with a spirit made for traveling or the nomadic lifestyle, nursing can provide a safe haven of steady work and the chance to go out into the world. 

This kind of life doesn’t just apply for the adventurer types, either. Those that care for volunteer work and changing the world will also benefit from this general perk. It means traveling to help a cause, with fewer constraints, thanks to their nursing degree. 

How Does That Sound?

Pretty great opportunity, right? Now that you have a few of the reason in front of you, what’s stopping you from going after your nursing dream?

Author: Carol Trehearn


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