Published On: Mon, Jul 27th, 2020

5 Reasons Digital Signage is a Major Asset in a COVID-19 World

Although most of America’s businesses are still closed or operating at a limited capacity, many businesses have reopened full force. Businesses that choose to reopen are required to follow guidelines set by the state. For example, in some states, employees and customers are required to wear masks in public – indoors and out – unless medically exempt.

There are severe consequences for businesses that don’t comply with state reopening requirements, so you need to make every effort to get customers to follow state mandated rules. For instance, some customers may not know masks are required and your business can be fined or shut down if you serve a non-exempt person who isn’t wearing a mask. 

People also need to know if anything about your business has changed like seating capacity, hours of operation, and special times reserved for at-risk shoppers. This “new normal” seems a bit complicated, but you can convey all these important messages with digital signage.

photo/ mohamed Hassan

  1. Digital signage allows for a voice-use interface

Pre-COVID-19, touchscreens were the way to deliver interactive messages to customers. Now that everyone is being extra cautious about touching surfaces, touchscreens need an equally interactive replacement.

Thankfully, a few of the top digital signage software companies offer a voice-use interface option where people can interact with the display by speaking. The end result is the same – the customer engages with your business – they just don’t need to touch the screen.

  1. Digital signage offers visibility to foot traffic and people driving by

With so many businesses closed, people will assume your business is closed unless they see a sign stating otherwise. Use digital signage to let customers know you’re open. When people are walking or driving by, they might be looking for signs of any open business they can find. Using a digital sign can turn your business into a beacon of light for some people.

Digital signage can be placed on a stand just outside of your business, or you can mount a display in the window with a message that flashes to capture the most attention. Frame your display with Christmas lights if you have to; do whatever it takes to let people know you’re open.

  1. Use digital signage to direct traffic

If you’re one of many businesses implementing one-way aisles to help people maintain social distancing, digital signage can help direct traffic. 

You don’t need to place signs at the ends of every aisle. Just place your digital signs in front of all entrances to let people know how they’re supposed to move through your store. For example, if you’re using one-way aisles, tell people to look at the floor for arrows indicating which way each aisle flows. 

Other important pieces of information you can display on a digital sign at your entrance(s):

  • If you’re a restaurant and have banned sitting at the bar
  • If patrons self-seat and are required to maintain an empty table between parties
  • If buffets are still available, but must be served by a waiter
  • If patrons are required to use hand sanitizer upon entry into the building
  1. Digital signage will be useful post-pandemic

If you’re hesitant to invest in digital signage, thinking it won’t be necessary after the world recovers from the pandemic, that’s understandable. However, digital signage is one of the best marketing assets you can have.

An estimated 66.8% of all ad budgets will be spent on digital advertising by 2023. 

  1. Use digital signage to make people feel good

People are stressed out, depressed, and angry. While you can’t change everyone’s mood, you can lighten the mood and attempt to brighten everyone’s day. 

Use digital signage to display inspirational quotes, beautiful scenery, and funny messages. Many people will appreciate your efforts to make them smile during these unprecedented and trying times.

If you can make your customers smile during a pandemic, they’ll associate you with good feelings. This will help boost your brand image and reputation in their eyes.

Digital signage is a worthwhile investment, pandemic or not

Whether your business is reopening during the pandemic or after things settle down, digital signage will facilitate a smooth reopening and remain an investment in your company’s future.

Author: Anne Johansson

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