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5 Qualities Your Lawyer Must Not Have

When you are looking for a lawyer for your case, you must feel very conscious about how you will be able to find the best lawyer. Well, many people will only tell you about the qualities that your lawyer must have in his personality, and also they will argue about the professional skills that he carries. Many people around you, like your friends, your family members, and your colleagues will start to tell you what your lawyer should be in his behavior with you. All these things are very common and are very off and on discussed in every forum. That is the reason why many people know what type of lawyer is good for them to hire for their particular case.

Well, here our concern is the opposite. We want to aware people of the facts that what are the things that their lawyer must not have in his personality. This topic is least talked about, and no one probably bothers to know about it as they are just busy in knowing the good qualities. It is a very sensitive topic, and you should know about it in detail. Other than what people might tell you, and the things that you evaluate on your own, we are here with some of the new points that will make you think that how could you never think in that way. Either you are going to hire a criminal defense attorney, a domestic violence attorney, or anyone else; you have to keep these points in mind.

So, we are going to start one by one, and you must stay with us till the end to learn about these important points.

Bad Analytical Skills

A successful legal professional, a lawyer, is the person who knows how to handle the cases critically. They take care of every aspect, and most importantly, their analytical abilities are just outstanding. They know every step of how to critically analyze the situation, and then put effort into it to make it successful. As in any case, the client will present them with a very large volume of data; the lawyer must be able to manage it in the best possible way. This is the quality of a good lawyer, but you will not find it in bad one so you must look for it while you are hiring a lawyer for your case. You have to keep this important point in mind because without it you will never get good results in your case.

A bad lawyer can never handle the case information logically. They are always entangled, and always feeling worried about how they will complete the documentation within the right time. Moreover, another big issue with the bad lawyers is that they come to an end where they are stuck with more than one conclusion. This thing is not worrisome in itself, but the situation is bad because the lawyer does not know what to choose. However, if you look at a good one, you will see that he know very sharply that from all the drawn conclusions, a particular one is best and he also knows the reason for it.

Zero Creativity

When you look into a great lawyer, you see that he is completely professional, and have great analytical and logical abilities. However, along with these abilities, they also can creatively solve the case. Not every lawyer can have this ability because this is either God gifted or the lawyer develops it intentionally by making efforts in his field. So, this is a very prominent quality that you see in the lawyer that you hire for your case. Without it is logically not fair that you take yourself and your case in the danger zone, and then expect for the good results. Well, you cannot do this, and you should not do this at any cost.

A bad lawyer s never creative, even if he tries to become one, he fails terribly. Being creative means that the lawyer can come up with some good quality solution hen ever, there is any problem in the proceedings of the case. However, a bad law does not know about it. If things go smoothly, and there is no problem, then he is all fine and good to go. But, whenever a sudden or different situation is there, he becomes useless for you and your case. Other than finding the solution of unusual case problems, a bad lawyer is also unable to think out of the box. He also knows the typical bookish knowledge, or of the things that he practiced in an early carrier. This person does not device any good from his experience to offer you.

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Nill Research Skills

A good lawyer always researches about the case that is presented to him. At first, he tries to have a meeting with the clients, gets to know the case in detail, and suggest the client bring further evidence and information that he think would be useful to him. Meanwhile, he will try to gather as many things in support of the case as he could. It is just like he is fighting for the first case in his life, and then he puts all his energy in it to win. Also, he will take it personally and make it his case. This is how he deals with the case and then research with the same intensity. He is too much indulged into the case that it becomes his dream to win it.

On the other hand, if the lawyer is not a good one, he will never research your case. Rather he will be interested only in the information that you will give him. He will never bother to research on his own and never would like to ask the client to bring anything new. He will act lethargic all the time and will rely only on what you provide him with. In short, you will never see any effort from his part at any time or point during the case.

No Interpersonal and Logical Skills

Well, a bad lawyer never has good interpersonal skills. He never know how to deal with the client, and how to deal with the opposition party if they have any interaction during the case proceedings. It affects the situation of case too much because when a lawyer is fighting for case, it is of no use that he has too much knowledge in his head, rather the things that he say and share from his own mouth are all that make the real difference in the case. In a bad lawyer, you will never find this skill, and you will see that with time his stamina further goes down and he will take side from your case very soon. You will simply end up ruining your money and time for him.

One more thing that the bad lawyer can never have is logical reasoning. Well, it is obvious that a person who does not know anything about how to handle the case and his client, how we can expect that he will have very great logical skills and will be able to take the case to next level in the courtroom. He can never be logical in the courtroom because he never took any kind of interest in the case himself, and let it the way it is. You can never expect any good from him, expect that he will show you his damn face when you go to meet him.

Lack of Communication Skills

A lawyer must have very good communication skills. It is a basic skill that he must have in his personality, but a bad lawyer can never have this, He is unable to communicate with the client, and then he also fails to deal with the judge in the courtroom. Moreover, if there is any chance of meeting with the opposition party, he never goes for negotiation with them because he doesn’t know how to deal with them verbally.

So, keeping that in mind, you should first look for all the good qualities in the lawyer and then select him finally.


Hiring a lawyer is not something very easy and straightforward. You go through a series of steps, in which you research, fins, select, and evaluate the lawyer that you like. You put into it so much effort, time, and money that you never want that you lose the case at the end of the day. For this purpose, you have to go through this process quite wisely. You cannot take the risk of skipping any point, and you cannot take anything for granted. All you have to do is to stay positive and dedicated. The most important of all is that, besides looking at the good attributes of the lawyer, you have to look into his bad attributes as well. This will further refine your selection process and help you get the right lawyer for yourself.

Author: Michael Wright

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