Published On: Thu, Dec 21st, 2023

5 Qualities to Seek in Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you’re ever under arrest for a criminal offense, you need a reputable lawyer to represent you.

According to Statista, there were north of 7.3 million arrests across the U.S. for all offenses in 2022. While that’s down from the 1990s, when the figure was over 14.1 million, 7.2 million plus is still nothing to sneeze at. 

But what if you find yourself facing criminal charges? You’ll need a criminal defense lawyer, but one lawyer isn’t necessarily as good as another. So, you have to search diligently. 

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Keep reading to see five things to look for in a criminal defense lawyer worth hiring.

  1. Consider Experience

You need to consider experience. Research to see if the lawyers you’re considering have criminal defense experience. You can easily find this information on their websites. If facing criminal law charges, you need a lawyer with expertise defending clients in your shoes. A lawyer with the right experience can devise the right strategy to achieve a positive outcome.

  1. Consider Reputation

It’s vital to find a criminal defense lawyer with a great reputation. You can go about this in various ways. One way is to ask people you know if they have any recommendations. The best way to find out how a service provider will treat you is to see how they’ve treated others previously. So, if you have a family member, friend, colleague, or someone else who has had to retain the services of a criminal defense lawyer, ask them about their experiences. Ask specifically about their overall impressions, pricing, and other things.

You can also check out online reviews from people who’ve hired criminal defense lawyers in your neck of the woods. Much can be gleaned by reading reviews. Of course, you shouldn’t write off a lawyer because of one or two bad reviews. Look at the reviews in their totality before deciding which lawyers you want to investigate and possibly hire to help you.

  1. Consider Communication Skills

It’s also vital to find a lawyer with superior communication skills. Understanding the ins and outs of criminal law takes a good communicator. When you ask questions, you want answers from a criminal defense lawyer who can break things down so the average person can understand. Even if you have the best lawyer in town, it’ll all be for naught if you can’t understand anything they’re saying. Not all super-smart people have the ability to communicate their thoughts effectively. 

After completing a shortlist of candidates, try to phone some of the lawyers to get an initial feel for whether their communication style is workable for you. You’ll want to follow this up by making in-person appointments to investigate further. A criminal law case can last weeks or months. So, it’s vital you choose someone you can work with. 

  1. Consider Persistence

When facing criminal charges, you’ll want a lawyer who will stand up for you. The lawyer should diligently interview witnesses, gather evidence to support your case, and develop a strategy to achieve the best possible outcome. You’ll want the lawyer you hire to leave no stones unturned and no viable strategy unexplored. You can get plenty of information about persistence from recommendations, online reviews, in-person appointments, and other resources. You don’t want a lawyer who will back down at the slightest resistance or take shortcuts.

If you need a criminal defense lawyer, it’s vital that you find the right one for you. Don’t assume that any lawyer will do. And don’t merely choose the first one you find in an online directory. Consider these tips to find a lawyer you can depend on when facing criminal charges.

Author: Anna Johansson

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