Published On: Thu, Dec 29th, 2016

5 Popular Online Degrees for Indian Students

Each year, thousands of Indians travel to the US, Britain, Australia, and Singapore to pursue a postgraduate degree. Other minor destinations include Germany and Holland. According to The Hindu newspaper, statistics show that the number of postgraduates traveling to the US went up by 25% in 2015. The percentage growth for other countries during this period was 9%.

While traveling abroad is one way of earning a master’s degree, one can also do it online. Online learning is cheaper, more convenient, and saves one the hassles of moving to a foreign country to study. It is also possible to divide one’s studies at home and abroad. In addition, online degrees are now widely recognized so one’s career prospects are not compromised. For anyone looking to try this mode of learning, here are five popular online degrees for Indian students.

1) Criminal Justice

Criminal justice focuses on how to maintain the rule of law in society. It is a broad field of study for it deals with three main areas. The first is policing which involves making and enforcing the law. Next is adjudication or the court system. And third is corrections which handles offenders.

This field employs as many people in each of these areas. These include police officers, forensic investigators, lawyers, probation officers, judges, and corrections officers to name a few. An online master’s in criminal justice, therefore, opens many doors to its students.

Many masters in criminal justice are also available online, which broadens the options for Indian students. And getting a certified online master’s in criminal justice allows Indian students to study closer to home.

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2) Finance

Students wishing to pursue an online degree in finance often relate it to trading on the floor of a stock exchange. While this is true, finance is much broader than that. For one, students learn how to analyze market trends using statistical methods. Using the data they get, they determine where investment opportunities lie. They then advise clients on how best to invest in a market.

Finance is also about overseeing the financial health of corporations. This means preparing financial statements, supervising employees tasked with finances, and advising company management financial decisions. With an online master’s in finance, one can work as a financial analyst, manager, or advisor. And yes, one can also trade in a stock exchange as a financial services sales agent.

3) Logistics and Supply Chain Management

As a business expands and reaches clients far away from its location, it faces the question of logistics and supply management. How does it get the right product to the right client at the right time, and this without damage, extra cost, or loss?

In the same light, it must also get more raw materials from different suppliers at the right price, time, and cost. To coordinate and manage these important tasks, one needs an online degree in logistics or supply management.

4) Human Resource Management (HRM)

Businesses, organizations, and sectors of the economy cannot operate without a workforce. For a workforce to function efficiently, it needs proper management. Someone must hire employees, define their work, ensure their well-being, and compensate them. In addition, this person must maximize their productivity and performance if an organization is to be profitable. This crucial work is the responsibility of a human resource manager. Since all companies need human capital and HR managers, an online master’s degree in HRM is a guarantee of employment.

5) Accounting

Every business needs a systematic and thorough recording of its transactions. These records are then summarized for use by company management, shareholders, and tax authorities. Every now and then, financial records also need auditing and analysis. These tasks are undertaken by accountants and auditors who must have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in accounting.


Many young Indians are traveling abroad to pursue postgraduate degrees or enroll in prestigious foreign universities through their online programs these days. These programs continue to be among the most popular among young Indians because of their job prospects and great salaries.

Author: Joao Pedro

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