Published On: Mon, Sep 28th, 2015

5 Must-Have Video Conferencing Tools For Any Business.

Finding good video conferencing tools in any business is a top priority, especially if it has remote teams that are essential to its success. With the advancements in technology of this age, there are currently very many viable options for a business’s video conferencing needs. However, even in the vast sea of impressive video conferencing equipment, there has to be winners and losers. Well, all of them live up to the expectations of being suitable media between people and/or teams. Here, we are going to mention and give a quick review of the few tools we have used. The criteria that governed the ranking is their efficiency when it came to the numbers they could successfully connect with minimal glitches.

  1. Zoom.us

Zoom.us is very efficient for very large teams that need to communicate through video conferencing. It allows up to 100 people to video call. The video quality is consistent and the background noise is reduced to minimum making the audio quality almost perfect. The users are also able to share screens and even record the whole conference. This recording feature is perfect for future reference or for sharing with people who might have missed the conference.

  1. Skype

Skype made it to this list mainly due to its popularity. A considerable number of people in many countries already have Skype accounts which makes video conferencing very easy. Besides, Skype has been in the game for so long and it has grown into quite an unforgettable phenomena. It has the best video and audio quality any one would ever need. Its mobility is a plus. It is available on most mobile platforms and furthermore, it is free. Very cost effective for any business. Screen sharing is also possible with Skype. It is, however, most suitable for small teams since it limits video calls to 10 people in order to retain the quality of the video and audio.

 photo/ ClkerFreeVectorImages via Pixabay.com

photo/ ClkerFreeVectorImages via Pixabay.com

Users can subscribe to Skype’s premium services which offers extra services at an extra fee but for a business which has its eyes on reducing travel costs and improving the decision making processes in their premises, a few dollars a year would be a drop in the ocean and an unbeatable bargain.

  1. Google Hangouts

Hangouts has great video and audio with very consistent quality. Unlike the others, it does not pack as many features. It lacks chat, and invitation of other participants via phone number. It is more interactive though with interesting features that allow participants to use the Draw feature to add faces and mustaches. Hangouts, like Skype, has a limit on the number of people that can be part of a video call. The maximum number of participants here is also 10. Its stability makes it a winner since it is a complete web based application and thus nothing needs to be installed before beginning.

Would not be perfect for huge multinationals but Google Hangouts would come highly recommended for firms that would like to conduct small interviews and corporate interactions that involve a small number of workers.

  1. AnyMeeting

AnyMeeting is equally as good as the others save for the wanting audio quality. The quality is good but it cannot match up to that of Hangouts, Skype or Zoom. It comes in two versions, one paid and the other free. The difference between the two is that the unpaid version is full of ads. If you are not bothered by ads then this is all that you need. AnyMeeting supports up to 200 participants for video calls. It also features the usual screen sharing capabilities as well as chats and custom surveys. The quality is not elite but it is a cost effective tool. AnyMeeting is very reliable and with rumors that they might be offering premium services soon, all corporate entities can do is keep their fingers crossed.

  1. Slack

With its recent acquisition of screenhero, slack is on its way to becoming more than just a chat application. The integration with screenhero will make video calls smooth and seamless. Hopefully, in a few years slack might even top this list.

Slack would not serve a large office setting and provide a sustainable and reliable coverage but it offers the convenient of the moment as a third party application that supports video collaborations through video conferencing.


The number one key to success in the techno-corporate world is utilizing and embracing the use of video conference collaboration. Blue Jeans offers high quality equipment that run and operate on various platforms and with third party applications such as Google hangouts and Skype.

They work for businesses interested in using video collaboration as a method of effective decision making but at the same time spend as little as possible on hardware and software installations.

Indeed, video conferencing is the way to go.

Author: Simon Davis: He has been a fulltime business writer since
the last 4 years and has had the privilege of attending some of the most renowned
business conclaves held across the world. When not on business he loves
spending time with his girlfriend and a bit of adventure sports. Twitter, Google Plus

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