Published On: Mon, Sep 7th, 2020

5 Most Common Reasons for Metal Roof Damage

Any damage to your metal roof, be it big or small, is cause for concern. A roof is basically what protects your house from the outside elements. It is a very crucial aspect of your house, safeguarding the building’s structural integrity.

Metal roofs have replaced the traditional tile roofs due to their longevity and low maintenance. Metal roofs are much more durable, are easy to install, and are less susceptible to damage.

Of course, that is not to say that metal roofs are invincible.

Vertec Roof Repairs Sydney advises that they do have their set of vulnerabilities and problem areas that could create some complications in the long run.


  • Rusting


With the advanced technology used in coating and sealing the metal roofs, rusting is not a very common occurrence. But, no matter how effective the sealant used is at protecting the metal, over time, due to changing weather conditions which lead to the expansion and contraction of the metal, the sealant might wear off, leaving parts of the roof prone to rusting.

If rusting occurs, the best way to deal with it is to have it chemically treated first. Once that is done, you can then have it sealed. Do not be lax with rusting issues on your roof. If left untreated, it could quickly lead to bigger problems such as leaks and a roof that’s falling apart.

photo/ Michael Gaida


  • Chimney or Skylight Leakage


One problem area to watch out for is the part where the roof meets the chimney/skylight. Flashing is used to fortify the area and ensure that no leaks occur. But if the flashing was not installed well, it leaves the area open to water leaks.

If there is a leak in the flashing, you will need to call in a metal roof repair company, who will then proceed to fix the flashing with a special sealant.


  • Roof Blow-off


Roof blow-off is a serious issue that is a result of poor installation. If flashing is not done properly, it could cause parts of the roof to blow off. And that is as terrible as it sounds. The best thing to do to avoid such a scenario is to ensure that your roof is installed by a reliable, experienced and trust-worthy roofing company.

If you experience a blow-off situation, get on the phone and get in touch with a metal roof repair company immediately.


  • Improperly Driven Screws


If you suspect a roof leak, the very first thing you should look for is improperly driven screws. How the screws are driven is crucial to how effectively the roof protects against water leaks. If the screws are over-driven, under-driven or crooked, you can be sure that it will lead to leaks at some point.

Over-driven screws facilitate bulging/tearing of the rubber washer. Under-driven screws aren’t tight enough to provide a water-proof seal. And crooked screws might not completely cover the rubber washer (which means they aren’t air-tight) making it more prone to leakage. When the washer is not utilised to its full capacity during installation, water leaks are a big probability in the future.


  • Surface Damage


A heavy tree branch falling, frequent foot traffic or extreme weather conditions could lead to roof damage. Keeping any nearby trees trimmed so they don’t hang over the roof, and reducing foot traffic on the roof (foot traffic on the roof should be only for maintenance purposes) can help avoid roof damage.

But when damage does occur to the roof’s surface, you will need to rope in the roof experts to get their expert opinion on how to repair it. Depending on the extent of the damage, they might suggest using a sealant to fix it or to completely replace the panel.

The key to reducing your risk of roof damage is to ensure that the roof is installed properly. Don’t just trust anyone with your roof. Do your research and hire roof installers with vast experience and great customer feedback.

A roof is one of the main components of a house. Any damage to the roof should be treated as an emergency and fixed as soon as possible. And the repair or fix should be done by a professional with the right materials. Before choosing any roofing professional, visit their physical office. Talk with them, see their instruments and facilities to measure whether they are capable enough to complete your roof job.

DIY roof repairs and quick fixes are only temporary solutions and should not be considered an acceptable long-term fix. If you are having problems with your metal roof or even suspect that there’s a leak, contact a roofing company and have the roof checked out. “Better safe than sorry” should be your motto when it comes to your roof!

Author: Colin Steinway

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