Published On: Thu, Dec 10th, 2020

5 Ingredients to the Perfect Movie Night This Christmas

“Tis the season to be jolly. Tis also the season to be jolly careful” says British PM, Boris Johnson in planning the up-coming Christmas festivities across UK.

Since Covid -19 has scuppered every conceivable plan this year, people are rightly feeling entitled to some kind of enjoyment with friends and family this year. Whilst there will be allowances of a certain number of household to mix, there will be still a trepidation towards getting too close to each other and forming traditional Christmas Parties.

Peter Triassi Montreal is a film journalist for Vice Magazine, who is preparing for the plighted Christmas ahead with some sense of hope. He hasn’t seen his brothers and close friends for a few months and since news of being able to have some level of mixing at home, he describes the Movie Night Epics that await his hunkered down holidays. 

photo/ Gerd Altmann via pixabay

Here are his 5 ingredients for the perfect movie night indoors.

First and foremost, ensure the picture of your home screen is up to scratch. Smith implores the importance of a decent projector to set the mood. He claims that television screens still emit a static quality to the viewing whilst a projector imitates the mechanics of the cinema. It also always for HD scaled up projections with a bed sheet as ample screen for the film.


Of course if this picture was accompanied by the tinny sound of a laptop speaker, the effect of the home cinema would be drastically undermined. As such, Smith asserts that use of home stereo equipment is essential to the set up. Whether the speakers are ‘Sonos’ state of the art wireless technology or old school state midi systems, ensure the speakers are set room distanced apart. Without getting too fussy, having a decent level of bass will support the drama of the film.

Now you have the sound and vision set, it’s worth considering sustenance. Christmas platters make for great film viewing. Cold cuts of meats, cheeses and chutney are a lovely companion to film watching. Quick to eat and finger food friendly, just watch out for the ploughman’s spilling down your top.

Christmas tipple makes for a great social occasion. It’s a time of year when most of us can let our hair down a bit and enjoy a drink with friends and family. Smith describes the merits of making a festive Guinness by adding a drop of port. Since Movie Night epic will require some level of attention though, Smith supports alcohol free cocktails like the Rum-Free Mojito. It will clean the palate, give a clear head and won’t entail endless trips to the bathroom. 

Film loving audience
Finally, ensure the audience are as willing to watch as you are. Having a reluctant gathering of people who prefer a game of Pictionary over the more passive engagement with cinema will undoubtedly cause tensions and distractions among the group. As such, invite your film loving audience to come. If feeling suitably festive and embracing of the occasion, have everyone bring their own favorite film and present it as any film critic would. 

Author: James Daniel

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