Published On: Wed, Oct 9th, 2019

5 Important Health Checks Any Business Should Be Making

Whether you’re a large business with hundreds of employees, a small start-up or just you alone working in a freelance capacity, health is always paramount. If you run a business it’s a crucial responsibility to ensure everything is operating smoothly, especially where health and safety is concerned. 

Have you considered the following when preparing your business health checks?


  • Does Your Working Space Provide a Positive Atmosphere?


This is a health check which is often overlooked, as it concerns mental health. A negative working environment can have an adverse effect on the motivation and mindset of a business’s employees, not to mention their own personal lives. The working space you provide for employees should include the following; 

  • Natural sources of light and a bright and airy space
  • Proper tools for the job – whether this legally-compliant training for equipment, or the right desk and chair suited for appropriate posture and therefore avoiding any discomfort 
  • Team bonding experiences and the opportunity for team-building exercises 
  • An open and honest environment, with communicative management which provides positive and encouraging feedback

photo/ Gerd Altmann


  • Is Your Business Compliant with Legionella Legislation? 


Individuals may be exposed to Legionella bacteria in man made water systems. Any property which uses a water system may be at risk without the appropriate checks and compliance. Risk is also possible with airborne water droplets, such as aerosols. It’s important for any business to undergo the appropriate prevention methods, which is why a Legionella risk assessment is advisable.


  • Are All Appliances Safe to Use?


You should always have the proper electrical checks made by a professional to ensure that everything within a business premises is safe to use and in working order. This doesn’t just mean the electrical tools required directly for the running of the business; it could also be the communal kettle in the employee cafeteria, or an electric hand dryer in the bathroom. It’s also a good idea to make any electrical changes where you can to implement more eco-friendly appliances.


  • Have You Implemented Gas Safety Checks? 


If applicable for your business, all gas appliances and fittings should always be checked by a registered safety inspector. It’s also important to understand the proper running of gas appliances, and to know how to recognize any warning signs that a gas appliance is not working properly. This knowledge should also extend to any staff; your employees should also be trained in recognizing faulty equipment, and how to report any issues.


  • Has an Official Inspection Been Made?


It’s not always possible to know all the relevant health areas, or how to recognize them. By arranging a health audit for your business, a professional can advise any areas which need improvement. 

There are, of course, many more health and safety checks your business should be making, and the length of list depends on your particular business and its environment. When in doubt, you should always seek the official advice of a registered organization and professional.

Author: Carol Trehearn

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