Published On: Tue, Sep 22nd, 2015

5 High-Paying Blue Collar Careers

For many people, the idea of working at a computer or desk for the rest of their lives is repugnant to say the least. Many individuals thrive in the blue collar work environment and love to be active everyday. If you are looking for a job that offers flexibility and the option to work with your hands, but with a decent paycheck, look no further. Included here are a few of the highest-paying blue collar jobs that should keep you active, engaged and out of the office.


While most people are not too enthusiastic about getting down and dirty with a toilet, plumbers are known to make a nice salary each year. They are critically important to the health of your home and without them, you would be stuck in a potentially stinky situation. This career is active and hands-on, while remaining lucrative, with an average salary of $53,000 per year.

Police Officer

photo Scott Davidson

photo Scott Davidson

While the average police officer makes around $50,000, if you choose to work in a more dangerous or stressful area you could make significantly more. Some sergeants in New York City are able to make over $100,000 per year, but live far more stressful lives. Being a police officer is a job that garners respect and can allow you to stay active, but may have a few extra days in the office each year.


If you are really good at interacting with people and are a true night owl, a career as a bartender may be just the way to go. You will get to be on your feet for several hours, and have to be upbeat, smiling and friendly to your customers. Good bartenders remember your drink order, great bartenders remember your name and life story. If you truly work to become a great bartender, it is not impossible to earn a six-figure salary working in a big city with nightly tips.

Farmer or Rancher

For the true outdoorsman, a job on a farm may be just the way to make the big bucks. Many people enter farming or ranching as the family business is passed down to them, but it is possible to buy your way in and start on fresh land. A great money-making endeavor has become the organic market which focuses on local, small and family-run business. Large operation cattle businesses have been known to rake in over $100,000 per year for the owner.


Many people enter the construction industry as a way to make what seems like big money straight out of high school. However, if you choose to pursue this industry, it is possible to make close to the $100,000 mark as a manager or supervisor of a crew. If you want to run a smaller operation, consider becoming an electrician. You will stay in the same industry, but do hands-on, technical work and have less people interaction.

Guest Author: Lolita Di

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