Published On: Mon, Mar 26th, 2018

5 Great Part-Time Job Ideas

Many people will find themselves in a tricky financial situation at some point in their lives, meaning they sometimes must search for new ways to bring in extra cash. One of the most popular ways of doing this is by having a part-time job on the side of studying or other work commitments. Picking up part-time work can be a difficult task when you don’t know where to start, but once you have secured some part-time work, it can be a great boost to your personal finances. If you are stuck for which kind of job to go for, here are some of the best choices which will guarantee you an extra income on the side.

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Restaurant work

Although working in a restaurant doesn’t mean you will get a great base pay, workers usually rely on the steady flow of tips that come their way when they provide customers with amazing service. This is such a popular job option as most restaurants or café jobs are readily available, and busy establishments are usually in need of people to help, whether this be for a temporary period or long term. If this appeals to you, ask around any local eateries near you and hand your resume around so they will remember you and know how to contact you.


Many people work in restaurants to serve food to customers, but a lot prefer to stay behind the bar to serve drinks. The most glamorous of these jobs is making cocktails in high-end bars, which you can work your way up to if you find yourself enjoying the work. Unlike waiting, bartenders can expect to see a greater starting salary, and can also enjoy high numbers of tips if they impress their customers with their skills.

Delivery person

Eating take-outs has always been popular in the United States, but recently the world has seen people being able to order food from their favorite restaurants to eat at home thanks to innovations such as Uber EATS. Delivery jobs such as these guarantee a flexible schedule, and may college students have been picking up jobs with these companies to earn an extra income to fund their studies. The road to becoming an Uber EATS driver isn’t too complicated when you follow the right tips.

eBay re-seller

eBay is often seen as a haven for selling unwanted goods, but some people have taken the initiative to buy and re-sell goods that people need and want. Though re-selling doesn’t always mean you will get a great income, it is an easy way of making some extra cash in the times you need it most if you know how to boost your chances of making a sale.

Picking up freelance jobs

The term for freelance jobs is very broad, as it can apply to people picking up jobs locally, like helping someone paint the walls of their home, to working freelance online. In any case, you are your own boss, and you set your own hours, and often your own wages. Blogging, coding, and odd jobs are the most popular of the bunch, and can help you make use of your online skills.

Author: Carol Trehearn

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