Published On: Wed, Apr 24th, 2019

5 Great Housewarming Gifts for Cat Lovers

Congratulate your relative, friend, or colleague who recently moved into a posh apartment or purchased their first home. When people host housewarming parties, one should not show up empty-handed. While a bottle of wine or a bouquet of flowers are popular housewarming gifts for anyone, you get to think out of the box when buying gifts to give cat lovers.

photo/ Anna Zielińska

Housewarming presents for cats

You know what they say, “the best way through a cat lover’s cat is through their cat.” We totally made that up but it is true for many ailurophiles aka cat lovers. So do not bypass our cats when you are shopping for a housewarming present.

  1. Modern Cat Gear

A modern kitty shelter can complement our new home. It is a nice gesture to give our cat its own space in the new residence. Opt for a kitty shelter we can take outdoors and indoors like a heated kitty shelter. A fancy litter box that can keep cat poop at bay will help keep our abode tidy and our cat some privacy when doing its business.

If the host has a senior cat moving in with them, opt to give an orthopedic pet bed that will conform to the shape of the cat and help with its aching joints.

Now what we really have our eyes on is a fancy cat tree. Our cats need a space they can call their own too and a multi-storey cat tower should do the trick. Plus, many cat trees fit well with modern décor and will announce to guests that this is a cat household.

  1. Cat entertainment

How about something that will get the chubby cat’s heart pumping? Kittens will spend hours on an activity play mat with hidden tunnels and ripples. A challenging cat toy or food puzzle will also keep our cats busy. When our cats are entertained, cat mum and dad are happy too.

  1. Cat apparel and accessories

One way to announce to all that you are a cat lover is when you dress the part. If the host is a close relative or a family friend and you know their size, you can give a shirt printed with a cute cat pun. For colleagues, that cat pun can be on a mug. Add coffee beans or tea and wrap your gift nicely.

  1. Cat-inspired recreation

When it comes to downtime with the kitties, a pair of cat-print socks will be greatly appreciated. Plus, socks are never bad gifts to give to colleagues and acquaintances. A voracious reader would also smile at the sight of a book filled with stories of people and their cats.

At the housewarming party, a cat-inspired board game will be a sure hit among guests. You can also encourage other guests to take interest in the cat by bringing along toys for a cat chase. However, avoid yarn and strings that can be hazardous to our cats.

  1. Cat Sculpture

Decorative items can become conversational pieces at the housewarming party. Cat lovers do love to shop for cute cat stuff and their home could never have enough. There are many cat sculptures in the market, but consider purchasing a loving memorial for a cat who couldn’t move into the new home with its cat parents. That can be an angel sculpture holding a cat in his arms.

If you intend to bring a bouquet of flowers or house plants, do know that most plants can be toxic to cats. Opt for something like organic grass for cats or check out ornamental plants that are non-toxic for cats on some blogs or websites filled with this info.

Author: Cristina Fox

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