Published On: Mon, Jul 29th, 2019

5 Fun Activities to try Around Kallang

Originally a simple settlement built around the river that shares its name, Kallang is now also known as Singapore’s sporting events capital. What’s more, its strategic location inside of the city-state’s Central Region makes it both a must-visit, and a convenient place to book accommodations. Indeed, you won’t have any trouble finding a Kallang hotel within your budget. But if ever you find yourself somehow stuck in this one place, you’ll be lucky to find out that there’s plenty of things to do in Kallang alone. Here are just five of the most fun activities you can try.

Get in Touch with Kallang’s Roots in Sports

As the long-time location of Singapore’s oldest and biggest stadiums, Kallang has an important place in the hearts of the country’s sports fans. And as part of the country’s infrastructure projects, the new Singapore Sports Hub is slated to become one of Southeast Asia’s biggest and most advanced, with the recently opened National Stadium as the centerpiece. Combined with some other major stadiums in Kallang, you’ll certainly have your choice of games and sporting events to watch and enjoy during your stay. And if you want to go through Singapore’s sports history, you can even visit the Singapore Sports Museum and the Sports Hub Library.

photo/ William Cho

Shop at the Army Surplus Stores

As a very small city-state, Singapore is known to maintain a strong military through conscription and the maintenance of a sizeable reserved force. As a result, accessories and military gear is in demand for those in service who want to complement their standard equipment. This also makes it easy for tourists to take home military-themed souvenirs during their stay in the country. Particularly in Kallang, you can find an army market where you can buy relatively cheap camouflage uniforms, boots, utility knives, and many other military-themed products. And if you’re looking for something more utilitarian, you can also shop for rugged rucksacks and duffel bags that will be cheaper than what you can find in malls. 

Have Some Friendly Games with the Locals

You’ll be surprised how passionate Singaporean sports fans can be. And you can’t get any closer to an authentic Kallang experience than by playing with some of the locals. If you’re into football or cricket, you can join in on some friendly games at the many sports facilities scattered around the area. There’s even an indoor football cage which is open 24 hours, if you’d rather play than drink for a fun night out. 

Go Wall-Climbing at Climb Central

If you’re up for an exciting solo workout, you can visit Climb Central Kallang inside Kallang Wave Mall and go wall-climbing. This branch prides itself as having the highest indoor rock face in the country—making it a good challenge for experienced climbers. But don’t be dissuaded if you’re still a beginner. The facility employs well-trained climbers who can help children as young as five years old learn in a very safe manner.  

Hang Out at the Local Watering Holes

Once you’ve wrapped up a long day of going around Kallang, you can also have a fun night out through the area’s many bars and pubs. With the variety of establishments, there’s definitely a place for all types of drinkers. For wine connoisseurs, you can go taste some fine wine in places like the Papa Shop. But if you’re the type who’s more into craft beer, then try to pay the Brewerkz a visit. Meanwhile, Good Cheer 2 is as solid a sports bar as any you’ll find anywhere else—and one that best reflects Kallang’s place as Singapore’s sports capital.

Even if you only have a short time to spend in Kallang, you’ll have plenty of options for a grand time. It doesn’t matter if you want to dive in and fully experience its vital connection to the country’s sporting identity or just want to do your own thing. You’ll definitely find something to do and have fun doing it while you’re in Kallang.

Author: Maria Santana Reyes

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