Published On: Fri, Mar 31st, 2017

5 features that will shape mobile development in 2017

It was predicted and ascertained in 2016 that the current year 2017 would witness the emergence and evolution of newer technologies and tools parallel to the ones that are already prevailing. Experts are also of the opinion that the development will essentially take place in the ‘mobile empowered’ arena.

Aside from mobile development, anything that is associated with it will become pronounced and popular. Keeping abreast with the latest Android News will surely prepare you to work out your plans accordingly in the current year.

In this article, we will catch a glimpse of the few trends or features that will shape mobile development in 2017.


  • Hybrid app development will become less pronounced


When it comes to mobile app development, there are 3 approaches, one is referred to as hybrid app, mobile web apps, and last but not the least, pure native apps. The hybrid apps have in them elements from both pure native apps as well as mobile web apps. Experts are of the opinion that in 2017, hybrid app development will become less significant. This is because there will be other options and technological advancements that will definitely offer better functionalities. Two of the most sought after options, it is being thought include, Progressive Web Apps and New Age techniques.


  • App Streaming


It is being assumed that there is more to come as far as hassle-free and cumbersome free app downloads are concerned. In fact, the search engine major Google and also Apple introduced their own formats in support of the same and they are respectively known by the names Android Instant Apps and On Demand Resources. One of the greatest benefits of this feature is that users don’t have to download apps in order to use them.


  • Apps without servers


Also referred to as Serverless computing, this is another mobile development advancement that is expected to be around in 2017. It is in tandem with cloud computing. There are new cloud features that will enable and make it easier for app developers to execute and integrate mobile apps with cloud APIs. Serverless Framework is also another feature that is expected to catch up at a faster pace in 2017.


  • Virtual Reality enhanced


Stuff like Pokemon GO and VR headsets is what you ought to be looking forward to in order to experience the so called phenomenon of “Altered Reality” much better. In fact, the effort to incorporate this feature started way back in 2016 when Google (on the Android sphere) updated the platform of Tango mobile technology. In fact, with the help of updated Tango mobile reality features, it is possible to experience so called reality apps much better.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

If you are one that keeps track of the latest developments taking place in the world of virtual reality, app development, enhanced features of apps and technology stuff, you will surely find it in Android news that 2017 will essentially be a year of Artificial Intelligence. This will hold true not just in the sphere of mobile app construction techniques but also when it comes to enhancing their features and improving them further. This can be safely said because stalwarts like Facebook and Microsoft have already taken the plunge in this regard. They are already into a phenomenon that can be referred to as “new-age bot programming”. The most prominent mobile app that has been applauded by all and sundry include digital assistant, which is a remarkable representation of Artificial Intelligence.

Regardless of the factors that will impact you, it is always best to stay abreast and keep pace with all that is happening in the field of mobile development, apps to be specific so that you can derive the benefits from the same.

Author: Jimmy Simond

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