Published On: Thu, May 11th, 2017

5 Fashion Accessories Every Man Should Have

“A man should look as if he has bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care and then forgotten all about them,” English fashion designer and Queen Elizabeth II’s former stylist, Sir Hardie Amies, once declared this rule.  Between men and women, it is so much harder to standout dressing up as a man if only because of the sheer scantiness of choices that are available.  Yet, when you look closer, one will be able to discern that it is the details that matter.

The Devil Is In The Detail

Just like the benefits of wrinkle moisturizer for men are not as openly discussed in the same way that women talk about such things, there are at least 5 articles that make a man appear well put together that men don’t talk about but are sort of an unspoken truth about male styling.  These are listed below:

  1.  Expensive, automatic watch.  Men are the primary reason why timepieces are perfected by hand to this day.  The artisanship is still passed on from generation after generation of excellent watchmakers.  Patek Philippe, for instance, remains to be assembled carefully by hand.  As you may have guessed, watches such as these cost a fortune but, the timepieces are so highly priced that these appreciate over time and, like a family crest, is passed on from one generation to the next.

If you are a man who wants to matter in your circles, making a significant investment on your timepiece is a first step to command some control and power to the situations and people you manage.

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  1. Leather belt.  There are all sorts of belts around but, since belts are so integral in men’s styling, you want to invest in a classy piece that is not just utilitarian but also exudes a feeling of distinction that draws the spotlight on you — the person who is wearing it — amidst a sea of strangers.

For the sake of versatility and style, it is in your best interest to get hold of a leather belt in three particular shades, that is, black, tan, and dark grey.  With those three shades in your wardrobe, you will always have one to wear with any shade of matching denim, trousers and leather footwear.

  1. A sterling bracelet.  In the same way that among the many benefits of wrinkle moisturizer for men includes leaving him with a cleaner, more radiant complexion, a sterling bracelet also adds a shine to a polished image of a well-groomed man. Top brands that you can choose from include Tiffany & Co., Charriol, and Cartier.

Keep in mind that when it comes to choosing men’s jewelry, you want to keep it simple, manly and versatile.  A good way to evaluate whether or not a piece of men’s bracelet is classy and manly is to think about whether or not you can easily wear that piece to ace your look for very different occasions.  For instance, a basic men’s Charriol bracelet can be worn easily to a tennis match, an ordinary day at the office, and on a formal gala dinner.  That’s the kind of jewelry you want to own.

  1.  Weekender leather bag.  On regular days, men aren’t expected to carry their bags, not even on training day in the gym. Most men will leave their clothes in the car and just change inside when they get back.  It is perfectly fine not to see men carry around purses or messenger bags and, these days, suitcases are not even a requirement.

However, for overnights and weekend getaways, a man cannot help but get his stuff together in one bag.  While it may seem like it’s fine to have a backpack in tow on one shoulder, it’s not manly enough.  On such days, what you need is a leather bag just big enough to keep and carry your stuff around the minute you step out of your car and claim your bag from the trunk.

  1.  Leather shoes. It cannot be emphasized enough how important a good quality pair of leather shoes is to a man.  This is the pair that carries you through your success so choose well and keep them clean. Look to quality brands such as mens leather dress boots from Two24.


Men may be putting on the same suits, ties, pants and shirts but, it’s where the luxurious feel of the garments and the properly tailored pieces that taste and style make a difference. Once you’ve put together everything, sit back, relax, and forget that you are so gorgeously styled and too irresistible to ignore.


Kelly Everson is an American author and MA in English literature. She is a fashion and beauty writer who has written numerous articles. She likes to get insights on various trends being followed in the fashion industry. She has been sharing her knowledge by being a contributor to various beauty, fashion and makeup related informative sites. She is also a regular contributor to thebeautyinsiders.com

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