Published On: Fri, Mar 6th, 2020

5 Essentials for Every New Law Firm

That’s it – you have decided now is the time to follow your dream of starting a law firm. Rather than being restricted by the usual lawyer role, running your own firm opens the door to the financial freedom, control, and the flexibility you desire. 

At least, those are the attributes you can enjoy if the law firm is successful. Before that can come to fruition, a lot of work needs to be done. Dedication and drive are vital skills. These then need to be matched up with a strong business plan. 

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For help with the latter, the following five points are essential for any new law firm aiming to hit the ground running: 

1. A sufficient budget

Funnily enough, a law firm is among one of the cheaper business types to launch. Only a small amount of capital is required to get going, although this depends on various factors. These factors include the location of your practice, equipment, and advertising materials.  

The launch is also only one part of the budget. You also have to take into account continuing expenses. This means the rent, employees, utilities, insurance, marketing, software subscriptions, and so on. 

While those continuing expenses should eventually be covered by revenue generated, this won’t be the case upon starting up – and the budget needs to take this into account. 

2. Office setup 

To do your work effectively, you need to have the correct work environment. First of all, you need to rent an office space that is both in a suitable location and big enough for your operation.

As you will be meeting with clients, the space needs to have a professional appearance so ensure there’s comfortable seating and appealing décor in place. 

3. The right insurance 

When you start a business, you need insurance. It’s that simple. Yet you cannot simply get away with only one insurance policy. Your company involves various moving parts such as assets, employees, clients etc. These all need covering. This means various insurance types, like property insurance and professional liability insurance, need to be utilized. 

4. Saving time with technology 

In the business world, technology continues to make tasks and processes easier than ever. This is also the case when it comes to law firms. 

In fact, specialist law firm software makes it incredibly easy for you to manage cases. Whether it is sending clients invoices or producing legal forms, the software simplifies and speeds up the entire process. Now you only need to spend a matter of seconds on such tasks, rather than hours. 

For more information on this software, visit: redbricksolutions.co.uk

5. Marketing materials 

You might be the world’s best lawyer and offer a wealth of services. None of this matters if nobody actually knows of your existence. As a result, you need to dedicate a sizeable portion of time and resources towards marketing your firm. 

While there are many different ways of doing this, here are a few promotional pointers: 

  • Start a website. 
  • Create business cards, flyers, and brochures. 
  • Use blog posts and SEO. 
  • Advertise with social media.
  • Billboards.

The main point to remember with marketing: remain consistent. You need to always try and stay in the public eye, so avoid any quiet periods when getting the word out. 

Author: Carol Trehearn

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