Published On: Wed, Dec 6th, 2017

5 essential tips that orthodontic patients must know

Every individual aim at acing their orthodontic treatment, because it would mean a new and fresh smile. However, success with braces depends on a number of factors starting with choosing the right doctor and knowing the sensitivity of the teeth and its response to braces. All of these things and a successful treatment depend on the patients.

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Here are a few tips for patients dealing with orthodontic treatment:

Do not miss the appointments

No matter how hard or inconvenient it is to keep up with the appointments, ensure all the appointments are attended on the given date and time, and that none of these is missed. Postponing and cancelling of the orthodontic treatment may prolong the treatment process. In some cases, it may worsen the condition and might increase the cost of the treatment, as well.

Braces should be damage free

Damage to the braces halts the completion of the treatment to a certain extent. To prevent damages, such as bending of wires and breaking of brackets, the patient is advised to wear a mouth guard while playing sports, and to avoid food items that stick to the teeth, which include popcorn, nuts, sticky candies, ice, hard cookies and crackers. The patient is also advised to consume food in small pieces so that it is easy to chew and does not stick around the teeth or the braces

Follow the instructions given by the orthodontist

Patients usually neglect or forget to wear the prescribed elastics or rubber bands. However, it is advised not to ignore these instructions and wear them instead, as failure to wear these will only prolong the healing process and extend the duration of the treatment.

Maintain oral hygiene

A healthy set of teeth is extremely important to carry out an orthodontic treatment. So ensure that the teeth are well-maintained and kept healthy throughout the treatment. The application of braces can make it extremely difficult to keep the teeth clean; therefore, one needs to be careful while maintaining tooth hygiene. Also, one needs to ensure that one does not come across any gum diseases or eat anything that can cause cavities, as these may complicate the procedure of the treatment. Hence, it is recommended to floss the teeth while brushing them, every day.

Take care of the repairs without delay

If the braces, elastics or rubber bands are damaged, or even one small piece of these is missing, then ensure that is fixed or repaired as the need be. Not repairing or fixing these immediately might delay the procedure of the orthodontic treatment. One of the well-paid doctors according to salaries hub, the orthodontists can be trusted to treat the damage quite soon. Reaching to them on time also helps in avoiding complications during the treatment.

These important tips for orthodontic patients will help them complete their treatment smoothly, avoid delay in the procedure of the treatment as well as not complicate the course of the treatment.

Author: Carol Trehearn

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