Published On: Mon, Nov 14th, 2022

5 Essential Style Tips All Men in their 20s Should Follow

Men usually start looking for their sense of style when they hit their 20s but are often lost, and that’s understandable. You can pretty much get away with wearing anything you want when you’re a teen, but you’re now entering work or college age and need to be more conscious of what you wear and the image you project. You have to know that dressing in your 20s is not that complicated, however, and as long as you understand the basics, you should be able to easily find pieces that will suit you. Here are some style tips everyone in their 20s should follow.

photo/ Awaix Mughal

Start Embracing High Fashion

What you should start doing right now is following and embracing high fashion, but only up to a certain point. It’s good to know about the top brands, but don’t fall into the “hypebeast” trap.

Some of the brands you should start getting familiar with right now include Moncler, Alexander McQueen, and D&G along with a few lesser-known brands like Acne Studios and LVIR, just to name a few. Knowing a good selection of designers this early on will help you come off as more sophisticated and you’ll get attention for all the right reasons. This is what will help cement your style and your reputation as a stylish person.

You should also know what each brand is known for. Moncler, for instance, is known for their winter gear and there’s nothing that quite compares to a Moncler Jacket. A great Moncler Jacket is a must if you like to look stylish no matter the season, so if you’re somewhere that experiences a lot of cold and what to look great this winter, you should check out their selection. 

Start Experimenting

Now is the best time to experiment, so start looking at different styles and look for things that would work well based on your frame and skin complexion. These are the two things besides your age that will dictate most of your style choices, so you have to start learning what your exact palette is and the type of clothes you should and shouldn’t wear.

Another thing you should start learning right now is how to wear layers. You need to master this since layering is one of the most important elements of style, and your 20s is when it starts being more important.

You should understand in which order you should put layers based on their colors, patterns, and utility. For instance, you need to put layers on a gradient and make sure that you go from the busiest pattern to the lightest in any direction. You also have to go from the lightest to the darkest colors from the inside out.

Find a Few Style Icons

Look for celebrities or public figures whose style you like and identify with. Also, make sure that they have the same frame as you. Then you can search their name with the keyword “style” and start looking at outfits they have worn in public and for events. This will give you a base inspiration for pieces you can pick out.

Be very careful not to copy their style exactly, however. Try to put your personal touch to it and combine looks from different people to get your very own style.

Invest in Quality

Another thing you have to do when you’re in your twenties is start looking for high-quality pieces instead of going for fast fashion. Quality pieces will last much longer, and you’ll get much more from them in the long run, so don’t be taken aback by higher price tags. This is especially important for things like shoes.

You may not understand why two pairs of shoes that look almost identical can have such great price differences, but that’s because high-quality shoes will be made using more advanced craftsmanship and will usually be much more durable. You should view clothing as an investment, and start being more careful with the pieces you invest your money in.

Invest in a Few “Older” Pieces

You shouldn’t be afraid of wearing a high-quality polo and blazer with a pocket square on top of it. Start accepting the fact that you’re growing, and your body has changed. If you happen to have a thick frame, start embracing more grown-up looks. If you still look young, however, you can get away with wearing streetwear and more casual looks, but you’ll have to up the level of sophistication.

One thing every man in their 20s needs, however, is a tailored suit and a pair of dress shoes. You will probably start going to more formal events and you might need it as part of your job activities, so this is something you need to start looking into right now.

The 20s are the most fun time for any man when it comes to fashion, so go crazy and try as many styles as you can. With these tips, and with time, you’ll eventually start forming your style and you might get a few compliments.

Author: Zoe Price

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