Published On: Mon, Apr 29th, 2019

5 Eco-Friendly Businesses Changing the World

These days, it’s important for companies to think about more than just their success. If entrepreneurs really want to shine in the business world, they need to also be aware of the impact their business has on the world. That’s why, if you’re running a business and haven’t thought yet about its eco-friendliness, you may want to. It’s not only because it’s better for the world, but also because it’s better for business. Young shoppers, especially Gen Z’ers and Millennials, value products that improve the world we live in.

We’ve put together a list of some of the eco-friendly businesses we admire most. Whether you’re looking for a new business idea or want to learn more about what eco-friendly businesses are doing, read on to learn about how they’re changing the world.

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1 Lush Cosmetics

The cosmetics industry has often gone against the ideals of being green. Whether a lipstick contains questionable chemicals, or a hair product has been tested on animals despite the fact that there’s no real need for the testing, there are lots of ethical problems associated with the beauty world. That’s what makes Lush Cosmetics such a refreshing company. In addition to their bath bombs and soaps being literally refreshing, they’re also dedicated to being eco-friendly by creating solid shampoo bars to reduce waste and giving free products to customers in exchange for recycling them in-store. Considering that global waste is expected to grow by 70 percent by 2050 unless urgent action is taken,

2 Solenica

Solar-powered technology is one of the most exciting innovations businesses are creating these days. Solenica does this with Caia, a natural, solar-powered lighting robot that moves its mirrored face throughout the day to capture sunlight and bring it straight into your home. Caia is as strong as 13 lightbulbs, which saves customers electricity costs. Additionally, it’s great simply because natural sunlight is so much more pleasant in a room than using too-bright LED lights or energy-wasting halogen ones. By providing customers with a product that’s green, saves money, and makes life at home or in the office more pleasant, Solenica is improving lives as well as the planet. Don’t forget that it looks good, too; it’s been designed by Italians with a sleek, modern look in mind.

3 EcoProducts

Another great eco-friendly company is EcoProducts. If you’ve been hanging out at any coffee shops recently, you might recognize their products. According to The Muse, “the company’s planet-friendly food service products encompass every dining need: plant-based cups rather than plastic, sugarcane plates rather than styrofoam, and even sushi containers made from renewable materials rather than traditional oil-based plastics.” Considering that 40 percent of plastic produced is packaging that is used only once and then thrown away, this EcoProducts is completely revolutionizing our waste problem. Next time you’re at the store buying plates for a party that you plan to never use again, consider buying from this company so that you’ll have a better impact on the earth.

4 SolarKiosk

One of the best ways to go green is by relying on natural energy sources entirely. While this isn’t possible for huge cities or all industries, when it is possible, that’s where SolarKiosk steps in. This startup is dedicated to providing solar-powered energy to communities that are off the grid. According to Investopedia, this means that “[r]ural communities now have access to sustainable energy, refrigeration, water purification, charging, communication, technology, information and business opportunities previously unheard of.” That means that, in addition to making the world a greener place, SolarKiosk is bringing about energy to societies in developing countries and improving the general quality of life. This is the kind of big thinking that will change our world for the better, even as our world population continues to grow.

5 Ecosia

The next time you think about searching for something online, re-consider typing in Google or Bing and use Ecosia instead. This search engine sends 80 percent of its ad revenue to tree-planting programs in the developing world. This not only makes the world greener by purifying our air but also keeps countries green that might otherwise lose some of their nature as they become more industrialized. Ecosia is innovative and simple: by creating a website people can use to look up cute dog videos or phone repair shops close to them, they automatically generate money to make the world better.

These are some of the most exciting eco-friendly businesses changing the world. Are there any other eco-friendly businesses you admire? Do you think you might start one yourself?

Author: Deborah Belford

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